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Week 1: JagUars at Texans

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We'll be on the other end of a blow out soon enough.
I saw enough holes and weaknesses that top notch teams will exploit. I just don't see us as keeping pace with the Browns next week. This post is not a jinx post. I would love to be wrong but our win today seems to be more about how bad the Jags were compared to how good we were.

I did like what I saw from TT but against a much better defense I don't see a repeat performance next week. I hope I am wrong. Unlike some posters I am not wanting us to tank. Of coarse I don't think we will have to. I look for a culture change and the blueprint to winning in the upcoming seasons.

Beginning of what seems like a culture change so far looks good. Our team is good enough to keep us from being the worst team in the NFL but it may not be by much.
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I think one thing I learned today is Bill O’Brien really really sucked, lol

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I think you already knew OB really really sucked.

I think you didn’t expect a 65 year old WR coach who never before had been a HC make coaching look so easy. Less bone headed calls, better time management, and the team looked so prepared.

And in the process - make OB look so much worse…
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