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Week 1: JagUars at Texans

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Just win baby!!!
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Thunder the Bengals are not good either but they’re winning big right now. So the Texans might be the 6th worst team
I'm basing my comments on 2020 standings. We traded away our 1st & 2nd round picks, so I understand it's easy to forget we earned the 3rd selection in every round
Nobody thought Culley or the players were in on the tank. & we're the third worst team in the league playing the worst team in the league
Yeah, it's not like the Jags haven't hurt themselves a lot in this game both execution wise and coach wise. Still, this has been fun to watch. I think we may lose a lot of games but we will compete and be aggressive. Instead of losing all our games to blowouts I think we will be close in a lot of them.

Of coarse there is a long way to go before we can say we won this game. With our luck we will choke in the second half.


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Give NC credit, its only one game and it’s JAX but you can see the “competition“ that they say they’re trying to create.
You sign a bunch of players to 1-2 year contracts they are going to play like it’s a contract year for them to get paid on the next contract.

It makes sense.

It actually can have the opposite effect of tanking.


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And I love it. What a beautiful drive. Starting off with a nice runs by Fine Wine you know what I’m talking about. Then a great pass while being hit by Taylor and a fantastic one handed catch by Brown and finally a dynamic play call, shovel pass to Lindsay for the Touchdown.
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