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Texans vs Packers Preseason Game 1 Thread


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Rookie are paid less than vets. Rather than sign a bunch of known journeymen, save the cap space on the draft picks. Then, you can spend your cap space on an impact player. Or re-sign a pick that you did hit on (like a DJ Reader). No one has ever won a championship by building the back end of the roster with old vets.
None of this will matter in 3 yrs.

They will have plenty of cap room in 2023 or 2024. Cap room right now isn't that big of an issue.


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It's not as if NRG is haunted. Caserio and crew bear no responsibility for past draft mistakes.
No one told you about the Indian burial ground under the dome?

Seriously though - Did Caserio have enough time to evaluate the scouts or anyone else when he started wheeling and dealing? I honestly don’t know.


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Why did the dog cross the road?
Watson was trying to get the dog to touch his wiener.

Gives a whole new meaning to wiener dog. Wiener, dog.
Time changes things

Trading a quarterback that is one of the best in the league and about to hit his prime just because he got his feelings hurt? It is a crazy idea. And I feel not worth my time discussing.

I hope you don't get your wish. If you do, the Texans and their fans will regret it for a very, very long time.