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I wonder if Casserio and McNair realize how much their images would improve if they released His Grace ? What position did he play …. at what level ? Did he go to the Seminary ? Is he Ordained ? I have no knowledge of who he really is …. what he does …. why he does it …. I'd like to ask JJ and DW4 if they think he is an asset to this team !!


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Who's the guy?

You think Caserio might bring Wolf with him?
I mentioned the same thing in another post. It would be a cool move to have Wolf come onboard. Could be a nice add-on move if Caserio / Wolf were to convince Highsmith to join the staff if he doesn't get picked up as a GM. Texans really need as many eyes for talent as possible to try and identify solid talent in the 2021 draft. Any solid success in 2021 by the Texans would have a big impact on their resumes as future GM's.