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Take aways from the Panthers game


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Sounds about right. I think this 3 game stretch against the top 3 defenses will test my patience with waiting on the OL to gel. I’d just really like to see one or two of the RBs take over that job and be the hot hand that the team can depend on.

The defense was short handed in particular but the talent gap is going to be an issue all season. Even moreso against elite QBs.

They will not give up the big play and make offenses drive the field playing mistake free football to score. Tonight they just could not get off the field on 3rd downs or create a turnover. They are short on talent but play within the scheme and with high effort.

Roberts had a nice return to end the game. I’d like to see more of that going forward to justify his roster spot.

Miller had a couple good plays, one catch he wishes he could’ve gotten but I am interested to see him and Mills grow together.

Hope Nico Collins gets back with Mills to for at least a game before Tyrod gets back. I want to see Mills with the full complement of weapons before he hands back over the reigns to Tyrod.

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Mills looked ok for a kid making his 1st start on a short week. Should be nothing but up from here if he follows the natural progression of improvement.

defensively, Murray and Cunningham are trash. Hargreaves was at least in position to make a play most times. those 2 guys? Terrible and NEVER in position. We need Reid & Grugier-Hill back asap.

Omenihu is not that guy. Virtually no impact whatsoever. Always a step too late. We got impact plays from every single person on the d-line tonite except him…or at least I don’t recall.

the rb by committee doesn’t allow guys to get in rhythm. I think we gotta go with Ingram and do more with the other 3 in the pass game

Anyone seen Conley? I heard he plays for the Texans.

Andre Miller looked like a player. Could be the future #3 behind Cooks & Nico.


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Mills might be alright. This game went about as good/bad as expected by a team with a 3rd round rookie QB, coming off a short week with no actual practice, only walk throughs from Monday-Wednesday. The defense is what was a let down. What the heck was Lovie dialing up? Opposing WRs were constantly left wide ass open, our DBs couldn’t tackle worth a damn for most of the night. Even though it’s still super early, I guess we have the draft to look forward to. More so if we get a bunch of picks in a trade for the perv!


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67.8% completions, 6.0 Y/A, 1 TD, 0 turnovers, and a 95.5 passer rating. A better 1st start than I expected, and hopefully he progresses, but still a pretty bad showing from this offense.
Not all on Mills though.

This run game is bad. 2.4 YPC total. I mentioned in the game thread that I thought Lindsay was a good pickup this offseason, but he's pretty much been trash. 1.6 YPC for the season, 0.7 YPC tonight. It doesn't help that the o-line couldn't run block their way through wet toilet paper, but man, this is bad. I'm ready to see some Scottie Phillips.

Brandin Cooks saw 11 targets, all other receivers saw 14. That said, if I'm a rookie making my 1st start, I'm probably looking for the best player on the field more often that not.

Texans 1-9 on 3rd down. 193 yards total offense, and of course, just 9 points.

Carolina didn't really look all that impressive. They seemed to be shooting themselves in the foot a lot not being able to tell where the LOS was. And they looked a lot less impressive when McCaffery went down.

Darnold didn't look at that impressive either, but gotta love this Tampa 2 defense leaving the middle of the field wide open.

The pass rush finally showed a pulse. Blacklock and Greenard making that happen.

In the end, the offense just didn't not have a very good game, and there's plenty of blame to go around for that. But the o-line had a really bad game. Mills took way too many hard hits that some I was surprised he got up from.


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Man the offensive line played horrible, mainly in run pro. Too many whiffs on blocks. Howard started it off completely missing that block on that screen play. If he pancakes that dude, Ingram is running for a big gain.

Secondary was getting torched because of the zone crap Lovie had them playing.

Andre the muffed punt returner needs to be cut ASAP.

Mills did pretty alright for a rookie quarterback with very limited reps with the Ones. You could tell the chemistry between him and the receivers needs a lot of work.

Coaching overall was terrible. Coach can not be scared to go for it sometimes. Kelly should’ve stuck with the up tempo. Spread them out and go to work.

You run run pass imbacile!!!!

TIM Kelly ya arsehole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER go fu**cking full Bill O Brien on us............. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our head coach needs to grow some balls, and not to mention he has a lot of questionable calls as the head coach. Last week he had 2 head scratchers and this week he had about as many....


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Team is who we thought they were, a ragtag bunch thrown together to try and make chicken salad.

Culley is making some rookie HC mistakes but at least he has the excuse of being an actual rookie HC instead of a vet HC that is still making rookie mistakes. Overall though seems the team responds good to him and he lets his OC and DC do their jobs and doesn't seem to grab the reigns from them the first time the horse bucks, I like that.

Lovie made some bad reads and called the wrong defense several times and with who is on the defense he is going to have to call things perfectly just to give them a fighting chance to make a tackle. I do like some of the things I've seen though and would like to see what he can do with some actual talent. That being said though if the Pants had Christian McCaffrey they would have hung a lot more points on us.

Mills showed improvement and given that it was a short week and the number 1 defense I liked what I saw as far as that goes. I didn't like what I saw as far as him getting slammed. Its sort of a damned if you do and damned if you don't, if you pull him to protect him then he doesn't keep learning to work with his line and WRs but if you don't you risk him getting the David Carr treatment. To make it worse the next two games are also against heavy hitting defenses. I'm not sure what I would do and I'm glad I don't have to make the call.

Rest of the team was there, they had some solid moments but I don't expect half of these guys to still be there in two years or to be mostly backups. Their playing hard but heart can only overcome lack of talent for so long.

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They are a 1-2 team, exactly what I'd expect since they will likely be out-talented against most NFL teams, but they battle hard, so we've got that.

Mills showed some potential, but he's never going to realize it if they "David Carr syndrome" the kid with lack of consistent protection. He took some hits last night. That can't happen every week if they expect him to stay out there.


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They are a 1-2 team, exactly what I'd expect since they will likely be out-talented against most NFL teams, but they battle hard, so we've got that.

Mills showed some potential, but he's never going to realize it if they "David Carr syndrome" the kid with lack of consistent protection. He took some hits last night. That can't happen every week if they expect him to stay out there.
That calm persona leads me to think he won't be "David Carr'd". The hits and injury is something else, with two strong defenses coming up.


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He took some hits last night. That can't happen every week if they expect him to stay out there.
Not a QB in the league that doesn’t take a couple of good hits every week.

But I get what you’re saying. They can’t be too frequent & they can’t be for nothing. Culley has to find a way to get him some wins.
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Tunsil...offensive blocking..pass blocking..young QB gets hit repeatedly but is slightly improved...

Trade Tunsil!


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Still can’t cover TEs and this secondary makes any WR look good.
I probably could have completed near 30% with the way they were running wide open. I hate the softness of that cover 2 crap. Unfortunately this team has zero **** down corners so I get it. But Lovie needs to be more aggressive


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On a different note, if the Texans run the ball the rest of the season like they did last night, they might not win another game this year.

17 rushes for 42 yards. Lindsey has been a massive failure so far. 7 rushes for 5 yards last night. That’s laughable.