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So .... Who's your QB in 2014 ?! - [edit] Mallett?


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Was it just me, or did Fitzpatrick look a bit like Steve Young Saturday? Little flashes here & there.


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lol, why did a qb have a lineman's facemask???
behind that 1985/86 Tampa Bay O-line (he was sacked 68 times during that two-year stint)...?? I'm surprised he didn't have full body armor on.

...did I mention TB finished 4-28 the two years he was there and he threw 11 TDs and 21 INTs...? Soooo there's that parallel too...


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My position is that Mallett does not have the tools...
Watching that NE game it seemed to me it took a long time between when RM 'made a decision' and when the ball actually got out, iykwim...? And his short range accuracy was spotty. Haven't really seen/paid attention to him before this.


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This old Irish fan has watched the last couple of Bears games and Jimmy Clausen just might deserve a look. That is if the Bears don't keep him.

Kid looks pretty good to have had such a limited amount of play in the last couple of years.



All three of the Texans' QBs looked great last preseason. That turned out well.
Really good point. Last year this team looked like it had loads of depth in almost every position going into the Chargers game. Lest we not forget that last year the Texans won more games in preseason than they did in the regular season!


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Mallett looked ok there in the short series. Good short throw, and good feel in the pocket and enough mobility to take it into the endzone.