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Rebuilding this team


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I wouldn't if I was Watson and I would advise against it if I was his agent.

Let me lay a scenario out for you.

Watson is chilling in Cabo pretending that football is still just something he plays for fun when he hears the news about Caserio. Maybe he's pissed, maybe he's not but either way he's already got people blowing up his phone asking what he thinks. Now Watson wants more say in who his HC will be, any QB would, and he knows he can use this just by going radio silent. Maybe he could, and does, send sends out another cryptic tweet because he saw what happened with his last one after Hopkins was traded. Or maybe while checking his phone to catch up he learns about the Blake ruling or maybe he sees how close the Georgia run off is or maybe he realizes he can kill a bunch of birds with one tweet. So he sends out another cryptic tweet that says nothing and can apply to everything from wanting a trade to him naming his favorite song from Frozen 2. (I have a two year old and lots of young nieces and nephews so yes I know the Disney songs that well.)

Then he just sits back and lets the media do what they do and run wild with the story and do his job for him. Texans start to feel pressured because they finally got the GM they have been chasing 3 years and first thing that happens is a national story that Watson is unhappy and wants out. Plus has them on the hook with a big contract and a no trade clause so its not like they can do anything to him. Meanwhile Watson has full plausible deniability because he told them he would be out of pocket and he didn't mean that tweet directed at the Texans it was just unlucky timing and "Oh by the way guys, about that HC search I have a few people I'd like to suggest that I thought up while in Cabo."

I have zero proof of any of this but then no one has had any proof about anything really so why should that get in the way of a good story.
The problem as I see it if Dashaun does want out he should not be tweeting at all. Texans more likely to trade him if other teams don't see them as over a barrel. Hop trade had to stick with Cal even if mom pushed it. He waits, see Bieniemy land in New York and waives to connect there with a team that he or at least his Agent knows has the cap space and draft picks.


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Much of the topic the last few days on this message board has been fantasy and wishful thinking.

What do you really expect to happen in 2021? What's (in your opinion) realistic?

First and foremost, I expect Watson to be starting game one for the Houston Texans in 2021. Other players that I expect will remain on the roster (mainly because of their dead cap hits) that have been talked about on this board lately (this season):

Mercilus ($15,000,000+)
Cunningham (18+)
Cobb (12.25)
Eric Murray (6.5)
David Johnson (2.1)
McKinney (1.5)

As much as I'd love to jettison Murray and Mercilus out of here, I'd joyfully drive them to the airport, it would be difficult to trade them. McKinney is interesting because of how Adams played in his absence but I feel the Texans have a better chance of stopping the run with McKinney.

Unrestricted Free Agents that I expect the Texans to let walk:
Dylan Cole
Michael Thomas
Kyle Emanuel
Jon Weeks
Phillip Gaines

I'd like to keep Fuller but I don't expect he'll be in the Texans's price range. The Texans should (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) receive some compensation in 2022 for losing him.

UFA's that I expect the Texans to retain:
Roderick Johnson
Tyrell Adams
Brent Qvale

Of zero dead cap notables I expect the Texans will pay - Cooks, Crossen, Chad Hansen, and Scottie Phillips. I expect JJ Watt and Duke Johnson will playing for some other team in 2021.
Merci in a pre June 1st trade saves us $7.5 m and dead is 4.5 so he should go if possible. Cunningham dead only $9.6 but i do not see him leaving at least this season.