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Go Texans 4-3...Post OB!!!!!
Alot of Astros fans made posts exactly like this post.
I spent many post(s) on the Astros message board commending the moves the Astros made after Crane got the team. I fully understood there was going to be a few down seasons before things started looking up. I followed the Stros closely and was looking for any gems that might surface but spent a lot of time following the MiLB affiliates to follow the amazing talent being accumulated by Luhnow. Crane just really made a remarkable move by hiring a GM like Luhnow. Even though Crane was a former baseball player in college (aka Jerry Jones / football) he didn't want to try and do everything. He knew the organization must be built from the ground up and found himself a GM who could execute that plan without failure. Luhnow crushed it and now the City of Houston has a baseball franchise that will be a top organization for years to come.

By the way, the McNairs have failed miserably in this regard from the get-go and continue to take steps backwards by making OB the GM and designer of the Texans future with absolutely no experience.