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Make Tony Romo the Texans’ new Head Coach!


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I mean, if they're hiring Kitna as a coach, Romo doesn't seem all that far fetched. Head coach, yeah that's crazy. Position coach or QC coach, plausible.
Well, Kitna has at least shown some interest in coaching, even it has been at the HS level.


.. and then?
.....CBS is reportedly prepared to give Romo a “substantial” raise to make sure he stays with the network when his three-year contract expires after next season, according to the New York Post.

The network expects to pay the 38-year-old more than the $4 million he currently makes in order to keep him after his three-year contract expires after next season.

While other networks will likely come calling — especially after the incredible job he did at the AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots on Sunday — CBS does have the right to match any offer he receives.....

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Romo quickly became my favorite color analyst last year, and he's even better this year. Extremely well prepared and he has a unique ability to speak to both the very casual fan as well as the well-educated fan all at the same time. He's also the most insightful analyst in the game and he and Jim are by far my favorite duo to listen to while watching a game.

Honestly I enjoy those guys so much, I hope he doesn't get into coaching. I think it's an extreme longshot anyway, but that is my wooden nickel's worth.

As far as Aikman, I like him ok but he's not close to Romo imho and the TE has a ways to go to just make average. He's listenable but really doesn't bring anything new or unique to the table. Like a player - a guy like that may improve with more seasoning. If not, MNF needs to move on.


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I'm not trying to flat out poopoo the idea.

Maybe Romo would make the best OC of all time. Or maybe he fails miserably because having the headset on and making critical split sound decisions on the fly in the heat of actual competition isn't the same as sounding like a playcalling wizard from the comfy booth.

The latter is all I was trying to make some point of..
I understand your point. My point is that what the Texans have had with OB as HC doesn't work and I'm open to just about any suggestions that changes that.

EDIT: This reply was hastily written. I am not necessarily against OB as a head coach. I'm against OB as OC. I just don't see OB being willing to admit that he needs to bring in a guy with a genuine ability to run an offense.
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