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Luv Ya Blue


Staff member
I was poking around and I came upon an article on the Luv Ya Blue era. I know there are plenty on this forum who weren't around at this time or were fans of other teams. This article does a good job of capturing the moment, with great quotes from Bum, Earl, and Dante. If you're an Oiler fan from the 70's, you'll want to sit back and enjoy the memories.

Here's something I did not know about Bum Phillips:
"Anyone running a version of the 3-4 defense in the modern NFL is Bum Phillips' offspring to some degree," analyst Doug Farrar wrote after Phillips' death in 2013. One of the best defensive minds of his era, Phillips not only popularized the 3-4 scheme but also gave University of Alabama legend Bear Bryant the idea for defensive-front “numbering,” such as one-technique, three-technique and five-technique.