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Houston Texans 2017 2nd round pick, Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt


Does make a nice duo w/McKinney who Texans traded up to get a couple drafts ago in the second round. Cunningham has a much higher ceiling too. This really sets up Texan inside LB position for years to come. Maybe next they can apply same priority to the offensive line?

UM....you do realize the Texans have 2 1st round Tackles, a 2nd round LG, 2nd round Center starting on the Oline? Zach Fulton is a former 6 round pick. The line is set at 4 of the 5 positions. Only one that could be upgraded is Fulton at RG. He can play well if he is healthy.


Obrien said he wanted to keep Cunningham and got his way. Based on other deals I expect his 23.5 GTD will be mostly in his first two seasons which does not leave much for Watson's desire for short year extension with the expected lowered cap in 21.
Most projections I've seen on three year new money at $40 m minimum per year for Dashaun. 23 space now with half to Cunningham leaves same to add to #4 this season plus four million gives total of approx. 16 to Watson. It gets much worse next year.

Guess it can be done but either a Mahommes type deal for longer duration or someone has to go.
Fuller 10, Stills and BMac at 7 each. As much as I advocate trading Fuller, I don't see him or to lesser extent Stills being traded. Obrien needs to give Watson best possible means to take Houston deeper into PO. That means targets. McKinney offers 7 but that does not seem enough.

JJ Watt 15 m might be only deal that can be reworked to add some cap and there us Fuller's 10. Would that be smart with the health issues of both? If yes, does that open David Johnson to a rework?
Interested in thoughts/suggestions.
You do realize a Watson extension would not kick in until 2022?

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Why wouldn't it kick in in 2021?
He's on a 4 year contract with a team option for a 5th. Many times extensions absorb most of the current contract year(s) into the new signing bonus which then gets prorated over the life of the new deal. Players like it because it gives them a lot of cash upfront and teams like it if it reduces that year's cap number.


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You do realize a Watson extension would not kick in until 2022?
I would expect team to use 2020 to spread GTD $ over. He only counts 4.4 against cap and Texans must want all Guaranteed paid as soon as possible. 2021 is 5th year option and Watson's agent should want to eliminate it to bring Dashaun back to free agency ASAP. If so 3 year extension would begin 2021 not 22. That's why I alluded to cap diminishing in 2021. Something has to give somewhere, perhaps he will agree to keep 21 as fifth year option. If he does, Cal should invite him over for some of mama's home cooking. It would be a financially unwise move but good for team.