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Game 9...London Town...Jacksonville Jaguars!


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Maybe I'll wake up for the last few minutes.

We'll see.

Hoping O'Brien doesn't suck. Hoping we don't lose more players.

**** Jacksoffville.


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Been awake for an hour. More because my body is on midnight mode and I’m supposed to be awake right now and not because of the 8:30 kickoff.
I’d be awake anyway, I’m a glutton for punishment! If the online can slow down that pass rush, Watson will have a good game and beat these fools. If not, I just hope he can fly back home in one piece.


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The Jags will at least have their No. 1 and No. 2 receivers in terms of statistics in DJ Chark (660 yards) and Chris Conley (429 yards). Both are coming off a game in which they found the end-zone against the Jets — and in Conley’s case — it was his best game statically as a Jaguar as he registered just over 100 yards with four catches.

The Jags also have third-year receiver Keelan Cole behind Westbrook, who has found the end-zone in both of the Jags’ last two games.


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Being careful with lasting effects of neck stinger...........not enough to be inactive...........but enough to effect performance.


Bill O'Brien is to GMs what Bill O'Brien is to HCs
All these years I had never heard the UK national anthem. I had no idea my country tis of thee was a rip off of that anthem. Go figure


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Grumble grumble.......... good morning TT....

Grumble grumble....:sleep:.... Go Texans!
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Care Bear makes something out of that horrible penalty filled drive. Deshaun looked great though on his part.
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