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Game 7...Saddle Up Them Ponies...Indianapolis Colts!


I go kerplunk
I'm over the bullshit late hits from McKinney. He's costing us field position with his **** penalties and our own players with his carelessness.


Hall of Fame
There is no way that wasting a timeout to give them 2 points is the right call.

No way
You dont know how hard it is to win in this league

Yeah, Mahomes is a flashy player. Just not a winner in my eyes but he can win you non-important games so I respect that. A big arm but lacks the desire the top qbs have, which is winning but than again, you’re right. Mvp’s are important I guess
Dude I think your DW4 biggest fan. And that's not a bad thing. I just love qb play. Hell I like what kyle Allen doing. QBs are the league bro
Respect the others. They are all that matters.

Thank the football gods we got Jordan at qb