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Forum Bugs ... Please Report


Fire Easterby
I make a post, hit post reply, and then get an Oops error message, but if I refresh my page the post shows up. Annoying, but workable for now.

welsh texan

All Pro
I have an issue where the forum ‘forgets’ my last read post in a thread meaning it auto-loads to the first post in the thread. It’s a nightmare on long running threads, and the lack of page navigation at the top of the page on mobile means scrolling all the way to the bottom of the first page.


Loose Screw
Cant embed pics now; only attach is available. Before you could attach as thumbnail or full.


Staff member
is that linked externally (like on a Dolphins page) or uploaded here?

Doesn’t work for me when I save it and try to upload it; Click attach file or the pic icon > photo library > select pic> Add

shows up like below:
Just from a google search. Use the link address in the


Just win baby!!!
Staff member
Contributor's Club
I don't know if this is a bug, but I can't see the little button to strike through text. On my iPhone it pops up if I turn my phone sideways. But on my Samsung it doesn't.