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Attn CND re: Jaylon Smith


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Dr CND, can you share your thoughts on the Lb prospect Jaylon Smith when time permits?

Would you draft him? If so, what round? When would you expect him to contribute?

His opinion about Jaylon is spread out through most of the draft/mock draft/prospects threads. Here's his latest.

I bet you could find all of them if you go to "advanced search" type in Jaylon Smith, then look for the ones by CloaknnnDagger


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This post followed the one TK posted above:

I just want to clarify my evaluation. We won't know for sure how much of his nerve function could return until ~2 years post injury. But the conclusions drawn from his recent re-evaluation would not be taken as much of a positive.
My feeling is that any team looking at taking Smith in this Draft may very well be looking at a Lattimore situation, where the 49ers took him in the 4th thinking they made a killing where they could stash him and then play him the following year...........he never played a down and retired the year after he was drafted.

Bottom line, it depends mostly on the return of his nerve function, but in addition one cannot rule out lasting effects of his ACL/LCL injury (more worrisome than if it were an ACL/MCL). Finally, although it has not been formally reported, it would be surprising if in that play he also didn't sustain meniscus and/or articular cartilage damage.
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