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I really think we are only a few pieces away from a very good defense. Sadly, I don't have much faith in Stingley's ability to be healthy for more than 10 to 12 games. So, IMO we need on D

1- CB or 2
2- True DT to clog up the middle and allow for my 3rd position to really take advantage of the offense trying to get outside with a huge DT not allowing much up the middle.
3- Another edge rusher. Anderson is looking good but if we had another DE or even OLB who can get to the QB...that would be great. Either they get the play going towards Anderson or he gets it going to them.

1- On offense we need more OL. By the end of the year we will know who can actually make lanes and pass block.

2- Another WR would be great or TE. More weapon for CJ

3- RB, unless DP starts playing like last season. I seriously think that he doesn't fit into the system. Be it his understanding or the way he runs. True, the OL isn't helping but, right now Singletary for the most part is out playing him. We can't be sure seeing DP has almost double the carries and yards. However, yards per attempt is 3.3-ish for DP and 4- something for Singletary. Showing per touch, Singletary is getting better gains.
CJ creeping up the list of best rookie QBs since 2010. The only ones I really see him not passing are maybe Herbert and Wilson. However, he could. As I feel Dak was right place right time. If CJ keeps it us IMO he passes Dak.

I can't find your videos... :kitten:
I remember a QB by the name of Tom Brady that did a lot with little star power at the WR position throughout most of his years in NE. A great QB elevates those around him. I'm very excited to see what CJ is doing with guys that aren't household names....yet.

And when they become household names and leave for a bigger paycheck, they'll probably miss that accurate QB they used to have.