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2nd round (40) : Ross Blacklock DT TCU


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It's a decent pick, but we could probably have found DT help later. Not sure how we improve the pass rush.


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Rich Schmidt

I liked him and Marlon, indeed we need edge, but can hope Martin and Ejifor do something, and he can move the pocket from inside and play anywhere on the line. We do need JJ successor, don't think that person is on the roster. I wonder what extra step Charles O makes in his second season, there is some raw talent there that flashed. We need to win the division first, and need to stop the run with Indy's line+Taylor, and Titans physical football


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He wasn’t a reach. He wasn’t a “steal” either. The Texans need help along the DL so he fits.

I can’t crucify O’Brien over the pick of this player but I’m also not jumping for joy. It certainly doesn’t erase all the mistakes O’Brien has made over the course of just a few months.

If their are O’Brien haters (and there are) it’s doubtful anything has changed tonight. Same goes for those who love O’Brien.


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DE - Watt, Omenihu
NT - Dunn, Vanderdoes
DT - Jernigan, Blacklock, Blackson, Watkins (bye)

Pass rush:
DE - Omenihu
NT - Jernigan, Blackson
DT - Watt, Blacklock
LEO - Mercilus

That’s what I see for now. Watt can bounce around three of those four positions on passing downs to create matchups or work different rotations in.