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2020 NFL Draft / Rounds 2 - 3


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Thanks for new thread. Want to remind everyone it begins at 6 pm central time tonight. ABC (13) and ESPN as last night.


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From Troy at Texanscap:
Also guessing the 2020 & 2021 base salaries are fully guaranteed at signing, with $17.875m in 2022 guaranteed for injury only but vesting into a full guarantee first of 2021 league year.


Fire Bill O’Brien, maybe?
The best value right now is on the defensive side of the ball. I’m hoping for one of the top safeties or edge rushers fall to us.


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Keep taking those offensive players off the board. Higgins should have gone in the 1st.


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I’m torn between Davidson and Winfield. Winfield is my favorite but dam can’t go wrong with either. Don’t fk this up bob.