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Official Rules, Signature Pic Policy, Cut-n-Paste Articles, & Donations

Visit here for Texans Talk Official Rules

CUT-N-PASTED ARTICLES - Please do not copy and paste entire articles. Please find a quote you want to feature and provide a path/URL to the content. We do not want to fully reproduce and host original © materials. Posts in violation of this will be deleted or altered when noticed.

Sig Image Restrictions:

1. EXACTLY 400 pixels in width, EXACTLY 80 pixels in height (no smaller, no larger). The
board will look cleaner if sig pics are all the same size. Try to keep the file size as small as you can please. Try to stay under 40kb in file size.

2. Sig pics must be kept family friendly. Members are prohibited from posting any images that contain sexual content, graphic or disturbing content, profanity, any content that should not be viewed by children, advertisements for other websites, or any other inappropriate or illegal content.

3. In order to keep threads from not looking messy sig pics must have a visible border. If you have a sig pic only one or two lines of normal default size sig text is allowed immediately after the pic. Those without sig pics are limited to the equivalent of 5 single spaced normal default text size sig lines. Sigs must be left aligned.

4. Only one sig pic at a time per poster.

5. Anyone found violating these restrictions will have their sig pics forced out and will be moved to another user group that does not have sigs enabled. Contact Vinny for reinstatement please.

6. Animation is allowed in sig pics.

7. Sig pics need to look well done. Will need volunteer(s) to help make/edit sigs for users with limited graphics experience.

Donation Methods

1.) Donate through PayPal at Texans Talk PayPal

2.) If you are uncomfortable with submitting a credit card online you can send a check. To do so send it to ...
Texans Talk (also make the check out to Texans Talk)
19111 Vista Bay Drive #315
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Thank you for your support!