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    Despite what a lot of the national media seems to think, a lot of the vibes I've been getting lately from what little the Texans have actually been saying leads me to believe that Mario Williams is going to be their pick at #1, which will undoubtedly create a storm of trade talks in the next few picks, and I've put together a three-team trade that roughly balances out in terms of draft pick value points. This mock finally includes some trades, and some quite bold predictions at that, but here's how I see things going down on Saturday:

    First trade, after the Texans take Mario Williams, the Jets cannot resist moving up to #2 to grab Reggie, and the Saints are looking for a reason to move down and grab Hawk. In order to move up, the Jets will give up #29 and #71 and get #135 pick back from the Saints.

    Additionally, I don't think Kubiak's staff is particularly enamored with Domanick Davis being their #1 guy, and with the big 4 RBs being head and shoulders above the rest of the pack (Addai is fairly close), I could see the Texans making a move back into the end of the 1st round to grab one of them if available. That said, giving up our 4th round (#98) in addition to our 2nd (#33), that would put us right in the middle of the #26 and #27 picks, where according to my last mock and this one Laurence Maroney and LenDale White would both be available. That said, I think the Panthers would want to stay at #27 and grab LenDale, while the Bears would probably be more willing to trade down 7 spots since anyone they are looking at there would likely be available at #33, so I'm sending #33 and #98 to the Bears for #26, which may or may not be a popular decision among members of this board, but I can see it happening and I'm making that somewhat bold prediction now, although that will be dependent one of those RBs falling to that spot on draft day, otherwise they stay at #33.

    Another trade that will come up, the Ravens at #13 would love Bunkley, Ngata, or Winston Justice, and in my mock all three of them are gone, and even though Cutler is available I think they are waiting for Steve McNair to be released and the Ravens have said they are willing to move back, and I think the Vikings will look to jump up 4 spots and grab Cutler rather than waiting for a later round prospect, so they give up one of their 3rds (#83) to move from #17 to #13.

    The final trade that I came across, the Texans are looking to trade back with one of their 3rds, especially after sending their 4th to the Bears. The Rams need a LB, and at that point if the Texans stay at #66 they could take Abdul Hodge, so the Rams will give up their 3rd (#77) and 4th (#109) to move up and snag Hodge, who would have been a legitimate consideration for the Texans there anyway.

    So that brings us back to the actual mock, and I'm following my gut instinct and am happy to pronounce that you heard it here first, "With the first pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select Mario Williams, defensive end from North Carolina State University."

    1st Round
    1) Houston Texans - Mario Williams, DE, N.C. State - The Texans get arguably the best player in this draft and get the guy that I think will be the biggest impact to their team, it will surprise most of the nation and cause a huge scramble of trade talks in the next hour or two after the pick.
    2) New York Jets - Reggie Bush, RB, USC - The Jets won't be able to pass up the opportunity to move up two slots and grab Reggie Bush, putting the most marketable player in this draft in the biggest media market in North America and bringing in a dynamic RB to supplement/replace Curtis Martin.
    3) Tennessee Titans - Matt Leinart, QB, USC - Floyd Reese prefers Vince but the coaching staff prefers Leinart, and rumors have bounced back and forth on who will win the argument, and in the end you hire a coaching staff to lead your team so it's pointless to override their preference as to who will be in charge of their offense.
    4) New Orleans Saints - A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio St. - The Saints need a lot of help on their team and LB is one of their biggest needs, and they've made no secret to the fact that he is their favorite player in this draft, and moving down ot #4 allows them better justify taking him.
    5) Green Bay Packers - Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland - With Hawk gone and Javon Walker likely leaving the Packers will take a TE in Vernon Davis that is athletic enough to also play WR and give Favre another nice target on the field.
    6) San Francisco 49ers - Michael Huff, CB/S, Texas - With Hawk and Vernon Davis both gone and being relatively solid at OT, the 49ers will take the best DB in the draft to help their defense out.
    7) Oakland Raiders - Vince Young, QB, Texas - The Raiders need a future QB and Aaron Brooks is not the solution there. They will take the best QB available and grab Vince Young.
    8) Buffalo Bills - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia - The Bills are hoping Ferguson would somehow fall to them and he does, so their draft day dreams come true and they grab the best LT prospect in the draft.
    9) Detroit Lions - Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon - With Dan Wilkinson maybe retiring, a runstopping DT. They still have Shaun Cody and Shaun Rogers but they are both more of penetrators than run stopper, and with Huff off the board Ngata is their man.
    10) Arizona Cardinals - Winston Justice, OT, USC - Jay Cutler is definitely an option as the future replacement for Kurt Warner, but their OLine has been their biggest weakness and bringing in Justice allows them to move Leonard Davis back to OG where he is more effective and gives them a very large and very strong left side of their OLine that should protect the immobile Kurt Warner's blind side and open nice running lanes for Edgerrin James.
    11) St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Williams - Cutler is another enticing prospect here as the future replacement of Marc Bulger and he will definitely receive a lot of consideration, but I think their secondary is a more immediate concern and Jimmy Williams can play either CB or S for them so I think he gets the nod.
    12) Cleveland Browns - Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida St. - Their defense needs a nice anchor up front and Bunkley gives them a player strong enough to play NT but easily athletic enough to play DE in their 3-4.
    13) Minnesota Vikings - Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt - The Vikings definitely need a QB to learn under Brad Johnson for a year and get ready to step in, and the chance to move up just a few spots and grab Cutler rather than waiting until the 3rd round for Croyle, Whitehurst, Jacobs, or Clemens will appeal too much for them to resist.
    14) Philadelphia Eagles - Ernie Sims, LB, Florida St. - Taking a WR will definitely be tempting, but Ernie Sims is just the type of LB that the Eagles like in their system as he can range sideline to sideline and get back in coverage as well, so in a bit of a surprise to some people I think the Eagles will take him with their 1st pick.
    15) Denver Broncos - Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio St. - I had them taking Chad Jackson in my last mock as Shanahan seems to prefer the bigger WRs, but after more consideration I think Holmes is still rated fairly significantly better than Jackson so I think they take him here.
    16) Miami Dolphins - Jason Allen, CB/S, Tennessee - The Dolphins have some serious holes in their secondary, and Jason Allen can play either CB or S for them, plus Nick Saban has a lot of ties to the SEC and seems to like getting players from that conference, so Allen is their pick.
    17) Baltimore Ravens - Tye Hill, CB, Clemson - The Ravens next biggest need other than FS and OT is at CB, and #13 was a little higher than they'd like for Hill and this pick is too high for Eric Winston/Marcus McNeill and Donte Whitner, so they get to move back a few spots from their original position and grab arguably the best pure CB in this draft.
    18) Dallas Cowboys - Kamerion Wimbley, LB, Florida St. - The Cowboys need a S, but this is a little high for Donte Whitner and Kamerion Wimbley opposite of DeMarcus Ware would be a great combination at OLB, and Parcells has shown a tendency to build his defensive front seven before his DBs.
    19) San Diego Chargers - Chad Jackson, WR, Florida - The Chargers really need another receiving threat in their offense and will happily take whoever is avilable between Chad Jackson and Santonio Holmes. If both these WRs are gone look for them to go after a CB or maybe Whitner.
    20) Kansas City Chiefs - Johnathan Joseph, CB, South Carolina - With Tye Hill gone I think they go for the next best pure CB in this draft and snag Johnathan Joseph.
    21) New England Patriots - DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis - The Patriots lost some players this offseason that will need to be replaced, but with Corey Dillon getting older and experiencing some injury problems in the last couple years, DeAngelo Williams falling to them will be too much to resist.
    22) San Francisco 49ers - Manny Lawson, LB, N.C. State - The 49ers lost most of their LB crew from last year, and with the two big WRs gone they will look to grab a player that will be a nice LB and provide some pass rush for their last-ranked overall and passing defense. Donte Whitner will also garner some thought, but I think Lawson is too good for their defense to pass up.
    23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Chad Greenway, LB, Iowa - The Buccaneers need to improve their LB core and Greenway is one of if not the best coverage LB in the draft which is what their system calls for.
    24) Cincinnati Bengals - Donte Whitner, S, Ohio St. - The Bengals need to fix up a few holes in their defense and could also look at TE, but Donte Whitner is the best value at this pick among positions of need for them, so he will be their pick.
    25) New York Giants - Eric Winston, OT, Miami FL - The Giants need some OLine help and despite needing some DB and LB help as well they go with somewhat of a surprise pick here and grab Winston. Many teams don't really have Winston rated as a 1st rounder but they know he won't be around to their pick in the 2nd round so someone will take him here.
    26) Houston Texans - Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota - A pretty nice option at RB, as big as Domanick Davis, a lot faster, good hands, ran behind a zone blocking scheme in college, has shown good durability while not getting completely worn out on volume of carries like DeAngelo Williams could be.
    27) Carolina Panthers - LenDale White, RB, USC - Despite his lack of an impressive showing since the end of the season, I think DeShaun Foster's injury history is enough of a concern that they take what should be a very good power RB for them.
    28) Jacksonville Jaguars - Bobby Carpenter, LB, Ohio St. - Fred Taylor is getting older and has had numerous seasons with injury problems, but with the big 4 RBs all gone and a definite need at OLB, Carpenter is a very solid option that fills that big need for them.
    29) New Orleans Saints - Nick Mangold, C/G, Ohio St. - After losing LeCharles Bentley the Saints will be looking for their new C and Mangold is clearly the best in this draft.
    30) Indianapolis Colts - Joseph Addai, RB, LSU - The Colts were getting real excited with Maroney on the board so long, but the Jets will dash their hopes. While I don't think Addai is worth a 1st round pick, after coming so close to getting Maroney and with such a drop off from Addai to the next teir of RBs I think the recent rumors will come true and the Colts will take Addai, and they should end up being pleased with him as he is the ideal type of RB for their offense.
    31) Seattle Seahawks - Antonio Cromartie, CB/S, Florida St. - The Seahawks pass defense could use some help and Cromartie gives them a big option that can play CB or S well.
    32) Pittsburgh Steelers - Sinorice Moss, WR, Miami FL - The Steelers could definitely look at CB (mainly Johnathan Joseph), but with Joseph getting so close to us at #33 I will have the Steelers taking Sinorice Moss to fill Antwaan Randle El's role minus the ability to throw the ball on trick plays.
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    2nd Round
    33) Chicago Bears - Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia - Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia - After bringing in Ricky Manning their secondary gets a boost, and I think they'll turn their attention to bringing in a pass-catching TE that will help their offense move the ball thru the air.
    34) New Orleans Saints - Richard Marshall, CB, Fresno St. - the Saints secondary needs improvement and Richard Marshall is the best DB available here.
    35) New York Jets - Marcus McNeill, OT, Auburn - The Jets need OLine help and McNeill is the best available OT.
    36) Green Bay Packers - Demeco Ryans, LB, Alabama - The Packers need more talent at LB and with Ryans slipping to them he's a great pick here.
    37) Denver Broncos - Tamba Hali, DE, Penn St. - The Broncos would like to add another DE, and Hali is the best one available. Even though his workouts weren't great he is a hard worker on the field that finds a way into the opponent's backfield.
    38) Oakland Raiders - Roger McIntosh, LB, Miami FL - The Raiders could use some help at LB and McIntosh was even garnering 1st round consideration in mocks a couple months ago, and he'd be a solid addition to their defense.
    39) Tennessee Titans - D'Qwell Jackson, LB, Maryland - The Titans are a little thin at LB, especially at MLB, and D'Qwell is probably the best option of a defensive player for them.
    40) Detroit Lions - Davin Joseph, OG, Oklahoma - The Lions won't be able to pass up a talent like Davin Joseph here, he would help solidify their OLine and boost the offense.
    41) Arizona Cardinals - Thomas Howard, LB, UTEP - The Cardinals need help at LB and Alston gives them a solid athletic option there and is a nice value with this pick.
    42) Buffalo Bills - Gabe Watson, DT, Michigan - The Bills have a serious hole in the middle of their DLine and Watson is probably the best DT available and a decent value at this point.
    43) Cleveland Browns - Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio St. - Crennel will continue to work on the defensive side of the ball and add a nice CB who has all the tools to be a very good NFL CB if he can develop a little more consistency in his game.
    44) Baltimore Ravens - Taitsui Lutui, OG, USC - Lutui gives the Ravens another large and fairly athletic body on the OLine to help their offense move down the field.
    45) Philadelphia Eagles - Demetrius Williams, WR, Oregon - The Eagles need to find a solid WR to insert into their offense, and Demetrius Williams is the best available.
    46) St. Louis Rams - Mathias Kiwanuka, DE, Boston College - The Rams defense needs a lot of upgrade in this offseason, and adding Kiwanuka gives them a solid DE.
    47) Atlanta Falcons - Darnell Bing, S, USC - The Falcons secondary needs an upgrade, and Darnell Bing provides them with a heavy hitter back there to team with and learn from Lawyer Milloy.
    48) Minnesota Vikings - Charles Spencer, G/T, Pittsburgh - After adding Steve Hutchinson in the offseason, bringing in the behemoth Spencer, the Vikings will create a strong OLine to power their offense.
    49) Dallas Cowboys - Daniel Bullocks, S, Nebraska - The Cowboys need a S that can cover someone and let Roy Williams concentrate a little more on hitting people downfield or stacking the box, and Bullocks provides an athletic option for their secondary.
    50) San Diego Chargers - Kelly Jennings, CB, Miami FL - The Chargers definitely need a boost in their secondary and will happily take Jennings, who many people have recently had climbing all the way into the 1st round.
    51) Minnesota Vikings - Darryl Tapp, DE, Virginia Tech - The Vikings need a lot of help on their pass rush, and while Tapp isn't especially big or athletic he frequently finds a way to get to the opposing QB, including 2 sacks this season on the immortal D'Brickashaw Ferguson.
    52) New England Patriots - Maurice Stovall, WR, Notre Dame - The Patriots lost David Givens and could use another WR, and Stovall provides Tom Brady with a similar big target with pretty good athleticism and nice hands.
    53) Washington Redskins - John McCargo, DT, N.C. State - The Redskins need to shore up the middle of their defense, and John McCargo gives them an athletic option there.
    54) Kansas City Chiefs - Derek Hagan, WR, Arizona St. - The Chiefs need another WR in their offense, Hagan has pretty nice size and athleticism although he has inconsistent hands.
    55) Cincinnati Bengals - Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA - The Bengals could definitely use an upgrade at TE, and Lewis falling this far is a great value for them.
    56) New York Giants - Claude Wroten, DT, LSU - The Giants need more talent at DT, and Wroten is possibly a 1st round quality talent but his character concerns will drop him some, but he's a nice value here.
    57) Chicago Bears - Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia - The Bears could use a monster OG in there to help open up their running lanes, hopefully they can get him to drop some weight and gain some athleticism back.
    58) Carolina Panthers - Anthony Fasano, TE, Notre Dame - The Panthers badly need a receiving option to take some attention away from Steve Smith, and Fasano gives them a TE with nice hands that can also block pretty well for their running game.
    59) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cedric Griffin, CB, Texas - Griffin fits their aggressive cover 2 style defense better than he would in a scheme where he'd have to run a lot of man to man coverage, and he's a pretty good value here for them.
    60) Jacksonville Jaguars - Joe Klopfenstein, TE, Colorado - The Jaguards need a TE, and Klopfenstein gives them a tough TE that can catch the ball well and block pretty well too.
    61) Denver Broncos - Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina - The Broncos could look to add an athletic S into their defensive secondary, and Ko Simpson would be a pretty nice option for them.
    62) Indianapolis Colts - Jon Alston, LB, Stanford - The Colts lost Thornton and Alston definitely fits the cover 2 type LB that has to be athletic and be able to cover the whole field, even though it's probably a little high for him he's a great fit for their defense, could even rotate back to SS if needed.
    63) Seattle Seahawks - Chris Chester, C/G, Oklahoma - After losing Hutchinson to the Vikings the Seahawks could use another interior OLineman, and Chester's stock has taken a big rise with his strong Combine and pro day performances and he would be a nice fit for their team.
    64) Pittsburgh Steelers - Danieal Manning, CB/S, Abilene Christian - The Steelers need another capable body in their secondary and Alston gives them an athletic guy that could play CB or is probably better suited for FS because he is a little rough on his coverage skills, but he's another good athlete and decent hitter at S.

    3rd Round
    65) Houston Texans - Daryn Colledge, OT, Boise St. - Colledge could also go in the mid 2nd round, but he's by no means a lock to go there and he would be a great fit in the zone blocking scheme the Texans are running, so if he lasts I think he's a definite take.
    66) St. Louis Rams - Abdul Hodge, LB, Iowa - The Rams will continue their defensive makeover by taking the 2nd best MLB in the draft, a position of need for them and a good value here.
    67) Green Bay Packers - Greg Jennings, WR, Western Michigan - With the apparent pending departure of Javon Walker, the Packers could use another WR and Greg Jennings has been rising quickly as of late and would be a nice option here.
    68) Denver Broncos - Dominique Byrd, TE, USC - The Broncos lost Putzier and have yet to get a real good TE since Shannon Sharpe left, and Dominique Byrd would be an enticing option for them here.
    69) Oakland Raiders - Pat Watkins, S, Florida St. - The Raiders secondary definitely needs some help, and Pat Watkins has a pretty nice combination of size and measurable athleticism, although he hasn't showed exceptional skill on the field he's the best DB available and Al Davis is never afraid to take some chances.
    70) Buffalo Bills - Roman Harper, S, Alabama - The Bills secondary was a definite weakness for them, and Harper is probably the best DB available here and with an equal need at S and CB he is their pick.
    71) New Orleans Saints - Dusty Dvoracek, DT, Oklahoma - The Saints DLine could use some beef, and despite Dvoracek's past off-field issues he is a good athlete and hard worker on the field and will be a good pickup for the Saints.
    72) Arizona Cardinals - Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama - The Cardinals need to look for Kurt Warner's future replacement, and after addressing two of their biggest needs already they can use this pick on Croyle.
    73) Buffalo Bills - Devin Aromashodu, WR, Auburn - The Bills have yet to find a reliable combination of WRs, and after losing Eric Moulds they need to find another WR option, and Aromashodu provides a pretty big and athletic player to add to their rotation.
    74) Detroit Lions - DeMario Minter, CB, Georgia - The Lions secondary needs a big boost, and after Huff ended up not falling to them in the 1st they really need to get the best DB available.
    75) New England Patriots - David Pittman, CB, Northwestern St. - The Patriots secondary needs some depth, and while resigning Ty Law would give them a nice option there for a year or two, drafting Pittman would give them a young talent to learn under their veterans and be a nice option in the future.
    76) Philadelphia Eagles - Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas - The Eagles could use more talent at DT, and Rodrique Wright is a pretty nice pick for them here.
    77) Houston Texans - Gerris Wilkinson, LB, Georgia Tech - The Texans have a couple aging MLBs but need a younger option in there, and Wilkinson would be a great pickup here.
    78) Cleveland Browns - Mark Anderson, LB/DE, Alabama - The Browns added Willie McGinest but he is getting old and could look for an athletic player to put at OLB as another pass rusher and the future heir to McGinest.
    79) Atlanta Falcons - Brian Calhoun, RB, Wisconsin - The Falcons have been disappointed with Duckett and should be looking for another RB option to share the load with Vick and Dunn, and Calhoun gives them a nice solid runner with decent hands.
    80) Dallas Cowboys - Travis Wilson, WR, Oklahoma - The Cowboys could add another WR option even with the addition of Terrell Owens. Terry Glenn is getting old and Crayton started pretty strong early but had some injuries and faded later in the year, and Travis Wilson would be a nice fit as a slot WR for now and maybe even be a #2 a few years down the road.
    81) San Diego Chargers - Andrew Whitworth, OT, LSU - The Chargers OLine has been depleted a little the last year or two, and Andrew Whitworth might not be ready to step in right away and be effective but he's a fairly athletic and big addition to their line.
    82) Miami Dolphins - Hank Baskett, WR, New Mexico - The Dolphins should be looking for a WR on the 1st day, and after sending their 2nd round pick to the Vikings for Daunte Culpepper they will have to wait until the 3rd round for a WR, and Baskett gives them a pretty big and athletic option there.
    83) Minnesota Vikings - Terna Nande, LB, Miami OH - The Vikings definitely need more help in their LB core, and Nande gives them a workout warrior that could end up being a big acquisition for them.
    84) San Francisco 49ers - Martin Nance, WR, Miami OH - The 49ers will continue to add weapons for Alex Smith to build the offense with, and Martin Nance gives them a big target at WR.
    85) Kansas City Chiefs - Kellen Clemens, QB, Oregon - The Chiefs have expressed interest in finding Trent Green's replacement in this draft, and Clemens gives them a great option for that here and without any other striking talent available he will be their pick.
    86) New England Patriots - Spencer Havner, LB, UCLA - The Patriots have lost some depth at LB in the past couple years and Havner gives them a solid pick and a smart player as well, which Belichick seems to really like.
    87) New York Giants - Mike Hass, WR, Oregon St. - The Giants could stand to add another receiving option for Eli Manning to go with Burress, Shockley, and the aging Amani Toomer, and Hass provides a nice set of reliable hands for their young QB.
    88) Carolina Panthers - Jason Avant, WR, Michigan - Assuming the Ricky Manning signing goes thru without problems, the Panthers will get this pick from the Bears, and they will look to add another receiving option to take some pressure off of Steve Smith, and while Avant isn't particularly big or athletic he's a solid WR with reliable hands.
    89) Carolina Panthers - Clint Ingram, LB, Oklahoma - The Panthers LB core is relatively thin, and Ingram gives them a pretty solid LB, possibly a little high for him but he's the best LB available.
    90) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jonathan Scott, OT, Texas - The Buccaneers OLine needs a talented addition and Scott is a pretty good option for them and is a good value here.
    91) Cincinnati Bengals - Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana - The Bengals defense could use more help at DE and Adeyanju gives them a pretty athletic player with some size that could gain a little weight and play strongside or shed a little weight and effectively play weakside DE.
    92) Jacksonville Jaguars - Jerious Norwood, RB, Mississippi St. - Jacksonville needs some depth at RB since Fred Taylor has trouble making thru a season without injury, and Norwood is a nice option for them here.
    93) Atlanta Falcons - Fred Matua, OG, USC - The Falcons addressed their biggest needs earlier in the draft and Matua is a pretty nice option at OG for their system.
    94) Indianapolis Colts - Jonathan Lewis, DT, Virginia Tech - The Colts lost Larry Triplett and need to boost their run defense, and Lewis gives them a nice talent at this point in the draft at a position of need.
    95) Minnesota Vikings - Dee Webb, CB, Florida - The Vikings need to boost their pass defense and Webb provides them with a pretty nice option at CB.
    96) Pittsburgh Steelers - Orien Harris, DE/DT, Miami FL - The Steelers could add some depth along their DLine, and Orien Harris provides a pick that definitely has the potential to be an impact for them.
    97) New York Jets - Elvis Dumervil, LB/DE, Louisville - The Jets need to add talent to their LB core, and Dumervil is one of those tweeners that should fit pretty well as a 3-4 OLB.

    109) Houston Texans - Antoine Bethea, S, Howard

    170) Houston Texans - Marcus Colston, WR, Hofstra
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    OK, I'm sure this mock will spark plenty of debate and maybe even a small riot or two, but as of now this is how I see things shaping up. Do I expect all of this to come true 100% accurately? No. But this is my best estimate, and I'm quite confident on the Texans targets that I posted. As a recap, here's a team-by-team look at the picks:

    Arizona Cardinals
    10) Winston Justice, OT
    41) Thomas Howard, LB
    72) Brodie Croyle, QB

    Atlanta Falcons
    47) Darnell Bing, S
    79) Brian Calhoun, RB
    93) Fred Matua, OG

    Baltimore Ravens
    17) Tye Hill, CB
    44) Taitusi Lutui, OG

    Buffalo Bills
    8) D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT
    42) Gabe Watson, DT
    70) Roman Harper, S
    73) Devin Aromashodu, WR

    Carolina Panthers
    27) LenDale White, RB
    58) Anthony Fasano, TE
    88) Jason Avant, WR
    89) Clint Ingram, LB

    Chicago Bears
    33) Leonard Pope, TE
    57) Max Jean-Gilles, OG

    Cincinnati Bengals
    24) Donte Whitner, S
    55) Marcedes Lewis, TE
    91) Victor Adeyanju, DE

    Cleveland Browns
    12) Brodrick Bunkley, DT
    43) Ashton Youboty, CB
    78) Mark Anderson, LB/DE

    Dallas Cowboys
    18) Kamerion Wimbley, LB/DE
    49) Daniel Bullocks, S
    80) Travis Wilson, WR

    Denver Broncos
    15) Santonio Holmes, WR
    37) Tamba Hali, DE
    61) Ko Simpson, S
    68) Dominique Byrd, TE

    Detroit Lions
    9) Haloti Ngata, DT
    40) Davin Joseph, OG
    74) DeMario Minter, CB

    Green Bay Packers
    5) Vernon Davis, TE
    36) Demeco Ryans, LB
    67) Greg Jennings, WR

    Houston Texans
    1) Mario Williams, DE
    26) Laurence Maroney, RB
    65) Daryn Colledge, OT
    77) Gerris Wilkinson, LB
    109) Antoine Bethea, S
    170) Marques Colston, WR

    Indianapolis Colts
    30) Joseph Addai, RB
    62) Jon Alston, LB
    94) Jonathan Lewis, DT

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    28) Bobby Carpenter, LB
    60) Joe Klopfenstein, TE
    92) Jerious Norwood, RB

    Kansas City Chiefs
    20) Johnathan Joseph, CB
    54) Derek Hagan, WR
    85) Kellen Clemens, QB

    Miami Dolphins
    16) Jason Allen, CB/S
    82) Hank Baskett, WR

    Minnesota Vikings
    13) Jay Cutler, QB
    48) Charles Spencer, G/T
    51) Darryl Tapp, DE
    83) Terna Nande, LB
    95) Dee Webb, CB

    New England Patriots
    21) DeAngelo Williams, RB
    52) Maurice Stovall, WR
    75) David Pittman, CB
    86) Spencer Havner, LB

    New Orleans Saints
    4) A.J. Hawk, LB
    29) Nick Mangold, C
    34) Richard Marshall, CB
    71) Dusty Dvoracek, DT

    New York Giants
    25) Eric Winston, OT
    56) Claude Wroten, DT
    87) Mike Hass, WR

    New York Jets
    2) Reggie Bush, RB
    35) Marcus McNeill, OT
    97) Elvis Dumervil, LB/DE

    Oakland Raiders
    7) Vince Young, QB
    38) Roger McIntosh, LB
    69) Pat Watkins, S

    Philadelphia Eagles
    14) Ernie Sims, LB
    45) Demetrius Williams, WR
    76) Rodrique Wright, DT

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    32) Sinorice Moss, WR
    64) Danieal Manning, CB/S
    96) Orien Harris, DT/DE

    San Diego Chargers
    19) Chad Jackson, WR
    50) Kelly Jennings, CB
    81) Andrew Whitworth, OT

    San Francisco 49ers
    6) Michael Huff, S/CB
    22) Manny Lawson, LB
    84) Martin Nance, WR

    Seattle Seahawks
    31) Antonio Cromartie, CB/S
    63) Chris Chester, C/G

    St. Louis Rams
    11) Jimmy Williams, CB/S
    46) Mathias Kiwanuka, DE
    65) Abdul Hodge, LB

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    23) Chad Greenway, LB
    59) Cedric Griffin, CB
    90) Jonathan Scott, OT

    Tennessee Titans
    3) Matt Leinart, QB
    39) D'Qwell Jackson, LB

    Washington Redskins
    53) John McCargo, DT

    There it is, and it is late and I'm tired so I'm outta here for now, so enjoy my mock and leave your comments, I'm quite sure there will be plenty of strong opinions against this, but as I said this is how I see things working out to my best estimate.
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    I find it difficult to crack on a man that has invested so much time & energy into a Mock Draft. great job, very insightful, although you know I disagree with several picks :rolleyes: but I also disagree with most all mocks (even my own) its the fluidity of the beast right up until the picks are officially announced.

    lets just focus on Mario Williams over Reggie Bush for a minute..........NO WAY the Texans are gonna invest that much into the defensive line. with Weaver coming in and both Peek (max. contract) along with Babin the ends are set. the Texans also have last years 1st rd. pick Travis Johnson to show something for along with big free agent contract Robaire Smith and long time nose tackle who doesn't even fit in a 4-3 Seth Payne, not to mention eat his contract Walker :brickwall Mario may be a great player but how would this franchise justify passing on the highest rated player in years (Bush) to front load the defensive line?
  5. MorKnolle

    MorKnolle Hall of Fame

    Apr 23, 2005
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    I'm not sold on Peek/Babin getting that good of a pass rush with Weaver on the other side. Weaver isn't going to put much pressure on the QB from the DE position and all attention will be focused on Peek. Mario changes that, allows you to move Weaver inside on passing situations and you can have Mario and Weaver in together on 1st and 2nd downs, two huge bookend DE runstoppers. Despite what some people are arguing about us paying Peek too much, we only gave him the mid tender so he's only getting like $1.5 million this year, not unreasonable for a situational pass rusher. I don't know, that is my gut feeling from what little I've been hearing out of their FO on TV/radio/newspaper, and from what I've heard Mario and Bush are rated dead even on their boards (check out their website, Nick Schenk posted that in one of his articles on there, don't have a specific link at the moment). McNair said yesterday their 2nd pick will influence this decision, and as I said I think there will be much better offensive players available than defensive players which will help swing it Mario's way at #1 and they have been rumored to be looking to move up to #26 with Chicago, I don't see them moving up for a CB (Joseph) or OT (Winston), for one I don't have either being available on my mock and I also haven't heard them mention anything about either of them either and wonder how highly they rate either of them, and I think a very good RB will be available there (Maroney in my mock) so to me it is making more and more sense that they are looking at Mario. Plus, I have repeatedly heard the FO vehemently deny that they have reached any kind of deal with Bush and keep dropping hints on Mario Williams. Maybe I'm reading into it wrong but to me that's how I think things are shaking out. Either way, I think Mario at #1 and Maroney at #26 is a far better combination than Bush at #1 and Tamba Hali/Mathias Kiwanuka at #26/33. Reggie Bush is a phenomenal player, I'd be thrilled if we end up getting him, but I believe Mario is a better fit for this team with the systems we will be running, and from what I've seen momentum seems to be shifting his way. That's my prediction for now, we'll find out in 15 hours.

    P.S. if we do end up getting Mario and Maroney, I expect a lot of good rep points from the doubters out there, and if I'm dead wrong I'll be dishing out good rep points.
  6. Coach C.

    Coach C. Hall of Fame

    Sep 30, 2005
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    SE Houston
    Mork you know I am feeling the mock, and the rest turned out pretty sweet. We still ended up with Wilkinson which I cannot argue with and I am cool with most of the picks. The one person that I think we forgot was Devin Hester, for some reason I see someone taking a chance on this kid in the third, which is ridiculous, but could happen. Anyway that is all.
  7. Kaiser Toro

    Kaiser Toro Native Mod

    Sep 13, 2004
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    Straight Outta Austin
    Mork, appreciate the overall body of work this off season and your contribution to a more sane dialogue. Maroney? If we do not go Bush I do believe we need to look at another RB at some time in the draft in the event the staff does not think Morency will be a player. I just do not think that a RB warrants our attention in the late first/early second even in a BPA scenario.
  8. thunderkyss

    thunderkyss MVP

    Sep 19, 2005
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    Mork..... you know I respect your football knowledge, and respect the time you put into your Mock.

    But if we are trying to make the move with the bears, I'm thinking it would be for a safety.

    Kubiak may not be enamoured with DD, maybe his knees are worse than I believe they are(and all I've got to go on, are the papers, and TV), but I don't see how David would get the chance to prove himself un-threatened by a sure replacement, and DD not have that same luxury afforded to him. David's not the only guy who has taken a beating for this team.

    I'm a running back man....... and I like a lot of the guys coming out this year.... addai is my favorite....... but I don't think any of them are so good we can't pass them up, to give DD his chance.

    Again, I'm so far removed from the team, that I can't "feel" the pulse of the team........ but my gut feeling is that DD isn't threatened by anything that happens in this draft.
  9. whiskeyrbl

    whiskeyrbl Guest

    I agree with Thunder, you seem tireless and put alot of thought/knowledge/time into your mocks. I for 1 am impressed and intrigued, I think your mock would be a good draft. However along with Thunder if the Texans trade up to 26 I think they go CB. I know they seem to be leaning towards Williams at #1 , but I can't see them passing on Bush with everything he brings to the table(Unless his paycheck is totaly absurd).If at 26 the pick I think it will be Tye Hill,only because I think Joseph will be gone.
    I like Colledge in the 3 rd, and if you remember about 2 1/2- 3 months ago I had Wilkerson in one of my mock guesses, absolutley agree here in RD 4 could be an Impact player. Rd 6, Bethea looks like a decent backup but think they could go QB with Nealy. Colston would be a good pick in 7th. Again as usual good job.
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  10. jerek

    jerek Pro Hobbyist

    Mar 14, 2005
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    Dublin, OH
    I am feelin DeAngelo if we can grab him and Maroney if not. Good work as always, damn, you should be on ESPN.

  11. MorKnolle

    MorKnolle Hall of Fame

    Apr 23, 2005
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    I appreciate your compliments on parts of the draft and the effort put into it, I was up a lot later the last two nights than I inteded to be. I could see them going CB if they trade up, but I don't think they particularly like any of the CBs enough to send away an extra pick and move up, and I don't know if any of those top few will be available at #26 anyways. I don't know, I still have not heard a single positive thing about Domanick Davis from this current staff and I had heard from a buddy of mine a little while back that they don't count on his knees lasting much longer, and I think they will look to start fresh with a new RB if one falls to #26, just my impression. It sounds like the word has officially gotten out that the Texans are taking Mario, so that part of my prediction came true.

    I think they like Maroney better than DeAngelo, just a hunch, I think he's more their type of runner, plus I see DeAngelo going higher than Maroney anyways.
  12. The Transporter

    The Transporter Rookie

    Apr 16, 2006
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    If the Texans do decide to pass on Bush, I'm (one of the few, I think) hoping that they do trade back into the 1st for a rb. Any one of the three (Deangelo, Maroney of Lendale) would be ok with me. Mario + 1 of the these 3 rbs, would make not taking Reggie much easier to swallow. Great mock, btw...
  13. MorKnolle

    MorKnolle Hall of Fame

    Apr 23, 2005
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    Bump up, 1 for 1 on picks so far
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  14. texman8

    texman8 Veteran

    Apr 29, 2004
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    north houston
    Mork, you da Man!
  15. beerlover

    beerlover Site Contributor

    May 1, 2004
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    Just to show you I'm a good sport I changed my avatar :crying:
  16. Coach C.

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    Sep 30, 2005
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    SE Houston
    Yeah Beerlover that's right come on over. We told you for a while next time try and listen to us. Mork, I wanted to wait, but now as you say "Get your party Panties on"

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