Game plan per opponent, eh?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Mangler, Sep 16, 2018.

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    It all boils down to being able to beat great teams. How many 'great' teams has Bill OBrien beaten or made into a signature moment of coaching? Great! You can beat up on the scrubs of the league, have some mediocre to above average regular seasons but what about the playoffs? "But Obrien has never had a QB" .. The man has run through more QBs than our 'dear' President has run through porn stars .. "But the offensive line is so bad" .. OBrien has been here 5 years! Most of them with his hand picked guy in Devlin .. they just keep missing on picks/free agents or are just too incompetent to actually coach these guys up. "well the linemen are just not that good" .. then stop signing and drafting below average linemen - the head coach is a huge part in that process.

    Schematically not being able to expose a relic of a defensive coverage in the Tampa 2 just shows how antiquated and out of date your passing sets are IMO. Hopkins was hurt Saturday, he should have played the rest of the game in the slot and just ran out and caught 8 yard passes until you make them modify the coverage. OBrien kept dialing up long winded passes that were running right into the teeth of the defense. His rhythm for calling plays .. 1st down pass - ineffective .. then he runs it - for what? Balance? Thats just horrible game theory. Like you said his bad feel for when to go for it, when not to. His atrocious use of the review system (probably the worst coach in the NFL when it comes to reviews). 4th and 1 before the half and you go empty set throwing into the end zone? WTF? There was a play late in the game when there was a highly questionable spot of the ball when Indy had the ball and we needed a stop - not saying that they would have won the challenge, but you never know it was a critical point in the game and I just feel that being on top of those situations is what a good coach does.

    Watson **** the bed in his first playoff game, no doubt about it. Bill OBrien **** the bed AGAIN - in his 4th.
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