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Yo, where my champs at?


Bad Hombre
Won my work league that contains a few junk talkers but mostly good guys. $100 entry fee; $450 payout for the champ. The phrase TURN DOWN FOR WATT will be forever engraved on their trophy. (Used the name since the draft)

This thread is for winners only

Kaiser Toro

Native Mod
First Championship. Also, this is the first year where I was in one league, did limited prep work, and committed to no technology to be employed at the draft. Ultimately, I had a plan on who I wanted and executed the day of the draft. 14 teams, 14 rounds, PPR, 3 keeper limit.

Keepers and the round they cost in 2014 - J Graham (4); L Bell (5); j. Thomas (10).

Was blasted with my Lamar Miller pick in 3rd and "reaching" for Tannehill in the 7th. Having Bullock last week did not hurt. The three of them were huge this week.


Furry Tractors
Won the no-money TexansTalk league after starting 3-4 and going undefeated the rest of the season.

Of course, lost my money league thanks to Jamaal Charles and Matt Stafford. They couldn't handle the dominating defenses of Oakland and Chicago.

Heath Shuler

My big league: 11-2 regular season. High scorer for the year. Won the Championship game 158.5-123. My third Championship game in a row and Back to Back Championships. Been talking a lot of DYNASTY talk. :trophy::trophy:

My neighborhood league: 7-6 regular season. I could never get out of the Adrian Peterson hole. Worked the hell out of the waiver wire and made the playoffs but I got bounced in the 1st round.


In my big league I came in 2nd and took $300.

At work I came in 1st an got $200.

Overall a good year of fantasy for me.


Yeller Dweller
I only play one league, a 16 team, one player per position (QB, RB, WR, TE, ST, K) plus one flex with a $70 entry, $600 to the champ. My opponent had Luck and Hilton and I couldn't take a chance playing Julio Jones so I benched him for Landry. In fact, my last 2 games were without Julio. He replaced Hilton with Moncrief and he and Luck combined got him 1.95 points with Luck getting a cool NEGATIVE 0.55 points and I win it 110 - 52.

I also won the Texans Talk fantasy baseball league title FWIW.