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What's in your Stadium Food?


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Luckily, NRG Stadium is one of the best for eliminating food violations in professional sports. Yes, the food sucks and is stupidly over-priced but you probably will not get sick.
It was the 2007 Titan game when I first ate an Aramark ptomaine burger. Usually, we tailgated in the green lot before the game, but for some reason that didn't happen that Sunday. I began to feel noxious just after halftime, and the Texans were playing worse than I felt. I usually stay until the bitter end. But at the end of the 3rd, I told the guys we were gonna split. They had ate the burgers as well, and were all too ready to go.

Walking down the ramps, we're hearing all this cheering. "How many Tennessee fans are here today?", we were asking. After one last emergency pit stop at the port-a-john, we hear more cheers in the lot from a double tent with side covers. We walk over, peek inside just in time to see Sage Rosenfels throw his 4th TD pass of the quarter on the big screen TV, giving the Texans a one point lead with under a minute to play. The happiness was short-lived, as the Titans moved down the field and hit the game winning FG with no time left. Tennessee's kicker broke the NFL record for most FGs in a game. And I got sick, again.

No more Aramark burgers. The only things I will eat at Reliant/NRG are peanuts and a Papa John's mini cheese pizza. That seems safe. Eat there at your own risk. You can believe ESPN or a guy who has been to well over a 100 Texans games.

We will never forget you, Marvin Ziegler.


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Lol. I saw that and I edited it like twice. Didn’t go. Was in a low service area at the time I guess.

Yeah... That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure if Lucky actually meant someone else so I thought I’d ask.


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The only time I've ever eaten at NRG, other than peanuts, was the open house they had before the 2002 season started. Had a BBQ sandwich for a gozillion dollars and it was horrible. Didn't get sick but it wasn't a good sandwich. Haven't eaten inside the stadium since. Tailgate for every game though so not hungry anyway.

Last time I ate at MMP was about as long ago. Hot dog....or I guess I should say cold dog. Haven't eaten there since other than the 1st year Crane owned the team and you could bring food in. Brought a Whataburger in. Best eats I've ever had at a stadium.


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Even if the food was off the charts, I doubt I'd eat it. Just because the folks behind the counter are never, ever in a hurry.


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Even if the food was off the charts, I doubt I'd eat it. Just because the folks behind the counter are never, ever in a hurry.
Had the manager on a jury. How random is that? She's really nice. She had beers set aside for us when we walked in. Walk up the ramp and boom. Minimum wage gets minimum work. She tries.