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What camp matchup do you want to see?


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I want to see how Robinson matches with AJ. That should get him (Robinson) ready for the NFL season.

other I want to see
Wade versus G funk or Babins
Joppru versus one of our LB's in passing situations


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Dunta Robinson matching up with AJ will be one to watch for sure.
I'll also be watching Jamal Lord in the secondary as well as Babin on whoever he lines up against.


overall i want to see who's more fun to watch as a return guy...moses, duff, sterling, or christensen?

also we know robinson vs andre will be fun to watch but i also want to see how sloan thomas does against some of the vet. corners


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Geeeeez!!! You guys are scarin me!! :eek: With all those matchups, I just hope we get through training camp with no serious injuries!!

Will be fun to watch some of those matchups though!


I'm not sure when it was exactly, Friday I think, there was coverage of Sloan Thomas and they showed him burning joke!

I'm just hoping the Texans crew told Robinson to take it easy on Sloan so that he (Sloan) looked good in camera....although for those that know just who Robinson is, it didn't make Robinson look so hot! :confused:

Did anyone else see it? I believe it was coverage from ABC 13.


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I'm more intersted in some of the position battles in camp, although it is always good for a guy like Robinson to go up against a player the calibur of AJ. But, how about the KR spot? Or the 4th and 5th WR spots? The TE's should be an interesting area to watch. And, can Babin make the transition as quickly as the public will demand? Many interesting things to watch come August. Can't wait! :popcorn:


Not exactly match-ups, but battles for the starting spot...
TE's (BM, MB, BJ), KR/PR (JJ, VD), FS/SS (MC, MM, EB)

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dmt217 said:
Not exactly match-ups, but battles for the starting spot...
TE's (BM, MB, BJ), KR/PR (JJ, VD), FS/SS (MC, MM, EB)
Can add Starling and Christiansen to the KR/PR battle.


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I'll be looking at Joppru vs. Babin. They're pretty similar size wise and should be a good matchup. I saw Joppru some last camp and he's a pretty crafty run blocker. I think he'll have a little something for Mr. Babin early in camp.