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Welcome to Houston Tavierre Thomas


Hall of Fame
Browns play lots zone and cover 2 in the games Thomas was in.
Occasionally when they were in man, it was either cover 2 or a short field (so it was basically still a zone).
19 passes allowed in 24 targets (79.2%)
188 yards, 9.9 ypc.
Zero pass defended.
113.2 QBR allowed
1 TD allowed. 1 missed tackle.
29 solos (incl. 2 TFLs), 1 Asst.
This included Special Team Play.
1 FF, 1 FR.

13 blitzes, 1 sack.
3 penalties (no PI)

From first glance, looks like he played slot CB and didn't look completedly lost.
Nothing to really write home about.
Does seem to have some recovery speed (as his hand time 4.39 forty Pro Day indicates) after he nearly fell down on one play that I noticed.

Due to his size and lack of short area quickness (per his scouting report), Thomas is probably best suited at SS where his tackling skill can best be utilized.
And obviously, on ST.

There's not enough game film to say one way or another, except that there might be some potential there.