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Welcome to Houston Jack Easterby


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For the good and mostly the bad Bob McNair was able to exert his influence and address conflict. Cal can not do that. Cal avoids conflict and tough decision making. Cal does not know how to do that or he simply cannot force himself into that situation. Sadly this says that Cal does not have the business mind to run a business. Cal has to have somebody who can do that for him. Easterby is that guy for Cal.
He's made decisions, for instance Rootes leaving. janice/Cal decided to move on from Hopkins. Giving DW4 a say in hiring the HC etc... We just disagree with most of his decisions. I'm of the beliefs that Easterby is doing what Cal hired him to do. Take out the trash


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Andre Johnson was on point with his criticism of Easterby. I will defer to his comments for now.

I’m disappointed in Easterby more so than Cal or O’Brien (Easterby terminated O’Brien as part of his fluid evaluation of the team - nine months after going to the playoffs).

To his credit, O’Brien made the playoffs with some no so great QBs like Hoyer and won the AFC South more than once. Then lost a power struggle with Easterby.

Long serving employees with the Texans were let go by a man who hasn’t been on the job that long and knows absolutely squat about football.
I’m not giving O’Brien credit for making the playoffs in a terrible division and then plummeted in the playoffs. Mainly because his team wasn’t ready to play.


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I think after Bob McNair died, there was a power vacuum in the organization. Whether the McNair family was still in the process of grieving or Cal was not interested in stepping up and leading the organization, O'Brien and Easterby eagerly took advantage of the situation.

I think what caused the situation was a perfect storm of Gaine's HR issues, New England not allowing Caserio to be able to be hired as GM and BOB/Easterby being the last men standing so to speak.
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