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Week 9: Texans vs Buccaneers

This loss seriously hurts!
That's game :(
Growing pains of a young team. Can't close out games. That's 3 we should have won.

Well, 3 timeouts and 45 sec.
The refs gave this game away with those BS holding calls.
Defense cannot be trusted.
This one hurts!
It’s solely on Ryans. Absolute disgusting
This loss is on DeMeco and his conservative defense when it matters. Plus the refs and their cheating asses. Hate the fact they have so much sway on these games. That bull **** hold call on Fant. Unbelievable
Texans, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again. Nice job fellows.
Well losing these kind of games seems to be a Houston Texans specialty.
The coaches cost us this game.
Guys, we live in the Stroud era now.
That’s not really saying things. When was the last time we came back and won a game with less than a minute to play?
They were due for one and with the ebb and flow of the game, I felt the team with the last possession would probably win the game. I hope this is a turning point for this team and they are lessons learned from this game.

For example. I hope this game teaches Slowik that he can hand the keys to Stroud. It teaches Demeco that no lead is safe and stop the soft defense crap at the end of games and it teaches the defense that no lead is safe.
No doubt Cj Stroud & the offense won this game.

No doubt the defense looked suspect from start to finish.

But for the most part, Mike Evans & Goodwin weren't factors in this game. Mike Evans had a good day, but was kept out of the end zone.

Texans were 3-4 coming into this game. The Bucs were 3-4 coming into this game. This game came down to the last second. These two teams were "evenly" matched & the Texans won. I think that's a big deal & points to good things to come.
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