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Week 18 Titans @ Texans

That draft turned out to have some pretty good value weapons in it too.

Imagine coming away with Cooper Kupp, Aaron Jones, George Kittle then picking up Austin Ekeler in undrafted free agency? Your team is stocked for at least 4 seasons with value weapons before you gotta figure out how to re-sign those guys!

Like when the Seahawks had the Legion of Boom finding Sherman and Kam Chancellor later in draft along with their bluechip first round safety Earl Thomas. Then snagging Brandon Browner from the CFL.

Caserio needs a draft like this.
Any positives first half?

WoW .... wish I hadn't thought about that one !
It almost looks like he didn't actually overthrow that last one. It looked more like Nico wasn't running full speed, and stumbled when he tried to speed up.

I was thinking the same .... Nico's not as fast as advertised .... hate to jinx him .... but I believe Mills is just around the corner from becoming a good QB .... a couple of intelligent drafts might just fix that !