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Week 18 Titans @ Texans


If we get a couple more wide recievers, a decent running back and a couple of good tight ends that can block and catch, we might win half of our games next year.

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You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one
But he's throwing downfield. Would you rather dink and dunk?
He has these times where he is woefully inaccurate throwing downfield.
It seems to be a feature of Tim Kelly though, Watson often ran offended that stuttered in the first half due to all these deep balls not connecting downfield.
Most 3&outs in the league this year by some margin.


Keep it Movin!
It appears that Kelly will be here for the 2nd yr of the rebuild. I expect that the entire coaching staff will be let go after next yr. They want to keep continuity and Mills learning only 2 offenses in 3 yrs instead of 3 new offenses in 3 yrs.
Does it matter if he's not the qb?


Keep it Movin!
I’m guessing Caserio and Culley didn’t want to change up just yet. Sometimes changing OC’s can be detrimental to the development/growth of a young quarterback.
Not if a the coach is terrible at his job. Its better to get the position correct as opposed to so called continuity