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Week 18 - Texans vs Colts: The Holding #1 pick all season until the end Bowl?


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Okay... so... those that wanted Lovie to return and wanted the tank?

How do you feel about Lovie now?

Start the season..... play for the tie.
End of season the outcome a win or #1

He plays for the win.

If he would have reversed the order I'd have understood it.


Against a terrible colts team. But yes I agree lets give him another season
Another season with Mills isn't the worst thing that could happen. This team has so many holes, that just a better qb isn't going to have much impact. I'm ok with adding some offensive weapons and building up the defense before addressing the qb issue. I'm not huge on either Young or Stroud, and who knows....Mills could be better with some talent injected around him and better coaching.