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Week 15: Texans vs Titans Preview- A Must Win

You have to be kidding. Don't you realize that if Stroud is out, both Mills and Keenum will be activated. Wouldn't you want both to be familiar with the plays of this game's game plan? Wouldn't you expect the two backups to be splitting snaps?
The starter normally doesn't have to split reps with the 1st team or are you just being argumentative?
Brilliant! Have the Titans prep for Mills all week. Then throw a wrench into their plans by announcing Case as the starter Sunday. They scramble to game plan for Case and then Sunday at noon find CJ Stroud on the field instead.
If I was Ryans I would let everybody think I was starting Mills & then on game day I would trot Keenum onto the field.
Y'all should probably pay more attention to what I say. Me and Ryans think alike.
Since there won't be any starters playing, why would it matter? Keenum has been throwing to the players who will be in the game all season.

It's not just about chemistry with pass catchers, it's about more reps and more reps with Slowick/Johnson on hand. It's the full hands on deck focus in game planning during practice and in meetings that backups don't see any of relative to the starter.
Unless Mills got hurt in practice, that doesn’t make any sense. It was Mills who came in both times when Stroud left the game 3 different times this season.

I think Aaron Wilson is full of sh!t.
Well he definitely doesn't have Aaron Rodgers' phone number.
Can’t think of many teams more snakebit by injuries this season. Now the two cornerstones of this franchise are both out (Stroud and Anderson).

There has been a lot of chatter about DeMeco being Coach of the Year. Winning this game under the current condition of this team would put him in the mix.
Lol. He’s been in the mix for weeks. Probably the leading vote getter too.
Ryans and Steichen were my two HC candidates last year. It’s proven to be right. Both of these guys are excellent, but for this particular team…there was only one choice. So happy that Ryans is our guy, and we get the pleasure of watching him hoist a Lombardi trophy one day soon. Count on it.

i was really down in the dumps regarding this game. Mills sucks donkey balls and we have no shot with him…especially with no weapons. Ever since I read they are turning to Case instead, I have become increasingly confident. My spidey senses are tingling. When I get that feeling, something good is about to happen. I’m not expecting Case to go out there and throw for 350 and 4 touches…but he is smart, accurate, knows this offense…and i just have a sneaky feeling he and the team are going to find a way to pull this out. I feel a little Keenum magic sprinkle dust is coming this afternoon.
Sneaky like a fox 🦊 huh? I can’t do the mental gymnastics to justify move starting Case over Mills. I guess Mills just isn’t our long term back-up but was hoping, they’d release the hound.

The Colts coach has been playing with his backup QB all season. Imagine if the Texans had suffered the same fate.

And probably their best player Johnathan Taylor majority of season. Then his backup goes down yesterday and the run game doesn’t skip a beat.

Steichen has done a tremendous job (unfortunately) turning around the dysfunctional Colts. In a perfect world, the AFC South banner and coach of the year award comes down to week 17.


QB C.J. Stroud

DE Will Anderson Jr.

OT George Fant

LB Blake Cashman

WR Nico Collins

CB Kris Boyd

RB Mike Boone


QB Malik WIllis

WR Kyle Philips

TE Josh Whyle

DT Jeffery Simmons

LB Trevis Gipson

LB Caleb Murphy

DB Mike Brown
No CJ Stroud, no Tank Dell, no Nico Collins, no offense.

No Will Anderson, no Cashman, no Thomas, no defense. Although survivors in the defensive backfield are almost mostly all there, which will help.

The world will come to an end at around 3PM today, possibly several hours sooner. Expect it and prepare yourself properly. :)
Sorry for missing 2.5 quarters. This is a bad weekend for me. Got my gear on. Texans have scored 6 points since I've been watching.