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Week 10: Post Game Shock the World!!!

Shows when Stroud decided to pull the trigger and what it looked like when he did. The Houston QB saw the chess board.
I get your point, but that pic doesn't show that at all. We know because we saw it live, but that pic doesn't show it
I know it runs counter intuitive, but I kinda want the Jags to beat the tacks. I’d be ok either way but here’s my case. For one, that buries the tacks in last place and sort of removes them from any serious talk of a run toward the top. Changes their mindset and they go into more of a plan for next year mode. We play them twice, so thinking bigger picture. More importantly, If the Jags lose, they come in here like a giant mound of pissed off fire ants. I want them fat and happy and ready for a nap like Clark Griswald after eating a burnt Christmas turkey.

I get it…we aren’t sneaking up on the Jags, so that’s the flip side. But if they lose, their asses will be lit up like Clark’s house. Their hair will be on fire when they come in here. We don’t need that. Win…and they look like Jaba the hut.
Did you know he had a cousin named Pizza?