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Traveling to New York?


Practice Squad
Hi guys, I have popped on here in the past when the Texans came to town, I wanted to do the same again. I run TailgateJoe, a NY Jets gameday fanclub/tailgate party, the biggest at Metlife. We are 100% visiting fan friendly and have some great food. Back in 2012 we had maybe 250+ Texan fans show up for the Monday night game, and one person nicer than the next. I was also at a Texans game 2-3 seasons ago filming some stuff by the Pitmaker tailgate and walked the lot enjoying the hospitality of a lot of Texan fans, so I would be happy to return the favor and extend a warm welcome and invite to anyone making the trip. Also, if you have any questions about NY, need restaurant recommendations etc, please email me or shoot me a message on social media. I don't know if I can post my email or link my website or the info for the Texans party, if so please let me know, otherwise I am very easy to find on the web.

Hope this doesn't come off too spammy, just trying to be welcoming! If I am allowed to post a link to the party info let me know and I will do so.

A clip from a party with some visiting fan testimonial