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The Browns are thinking that they will be bringing their run game to Houston..........especially since the game-time weather is projected to be cold and rainy. Nick Chubb may be trying to make his return off of IR against the Texans. Even if he makes it back lame, he could still be a threat to an even more lame Texans run defense.

Vegas started on Monday giving the Browns a 3 point favor..........that has now grown to an insurmountable 3.5 advantage.

But this new revelation of an unidentified player with "cooties" this morning could be a game changer, especially if additional players are "afflicted" by game-time Sunday.

Baker Mayfield and the Browns looked terrible on both sides of the ball in their last game against the Raiders. But now the Bye week is, per the Browns media, just the medicine needed to make them a real contender against the Texans.

Myles Garrett, who is returning from getting knocked out of the Raiders game with a grade I MCL, threatens any potential for success of the Texans run game.............and threatens the health of our QB. If our Oline does not hold, Watson may be running a lot.............not by design, but for preservation of life.

With all of the "unknowns," this game could present a whole gamut of surprises. The problem is that surprises don't tend to favor the Texans................


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"Make them a real contender against the Texans."?

Now, I dont blame them for not following the Texans....I dont keep up with the Browns.. but... someones not paying attention in Cleveland about the state of the Texans.


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Of course. I'm sleepy. Think rain will help Chubby even more over Duke?
Not sure about rain - but better vision, 10 pounds of muscle, and faster feet would help Duke. Guy just isn't that good as a running back, OK as a pass-catcher and decent in the open field, but call me a purist I would prefer my RB's primary skillset to be taking the ball from the QB behind the line of scrimmage and progressing it forward at a modest 4.5-yard or greater clip.


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Originally, OT Charlie Heck was active..............inactives have just now been updated............ CB Armstrong is active and Charlie Heck is inactive.


Man, waiting for the game. Gosh, Tom Brady's offensive line is just amazing. I don't remember the Texans offensive line ever being that good since 2002. smh.