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The Arian Foster Crisis: How to Get Through It


Practice Squad
Though he is a great back and has managed to finish Top 10 in fantasy running back ranks in 4 of the last 5 years, the nagging injuries have constantly had Arian Foster owners sweating out the injury reports for 17 straight weeks. This season left very little for owners or potential owners to ponder, as he has suffered what many call “a severe groin injury” that will require surgery. Depending on what report you read, Foster could be back as early as Week 6 or could very well end up on the ‘IR with Designation to Return’ list which means he’ll be sidelined until Week 10. Here is a guide of how to navigate your way through the Foster saga as a Texans fan, fantasy owner, or potential fantasy owner.

For Texans Fans

Do not fret. This offense is still a run first option and we have seen that ... (read more) ... http://thefantasygreek.com/the-arian-foster-crisis-how-to-get-through-it/