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TexansTalk Newcomers (Please Read)

Hookem Horns

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First of all welcome to the original official board of the Texans. We (the fans) took over this board from the Texans when the NFL forced them to start over again with a new board and website a number years back. Many fans didn't want to lose the history and start all over again so the Texans organization were gracious enough to allow us to keep the original board alive here at

I just want to let all newcomers know that there is a short approval process. Once you register and verify your account we have to manually approve you before you can post and participate. In the meantime you can read and gather your thoughts of what you are going to post once we approve you.

This process normally takes less than 24 hours. The reason we do this is to keep this place free from spammers and others who have other motives than to talk Texans football.

If you are one of those don't waste your time here. We are very good at detecting potential spammers at the registration process. Even if you make it past that process (which is unlikely) this community is self policed. Your post will be removed and you will be banned within minutes.

If you are a legit Texans fan or fan of another team, welcome to the Texans Talk community. Just keep it civil and you will enjoy your time here.

Sincerely, Team

P.S. This website is NOT endorsed or managed by the Houston Texans organization. If you have questions or concerns about matters such as game day experiences, charity events, etc that you wish to direct to the team, please visit the official website at
Kevin, I got a notice my paypal denied a transaction. If that was you, don't worry, I'll figure it out. It if wasn't you, then good. LOL
Why am I required to log in every time I turn my phone on today?

I am the admin here and I don't think it has anything to do with settings of this site. It started happening to me also when I switched to the iPhone 7. I've just been too busy to research why it's happening with the iPhone. If anyone else knows if it's some iPhone setting let us know.