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Texans will reach the superbowl..just saying

When will people learn it is not qb vs qb. It is qb vs d and qb vs d. Texans have the d to slow kc. However, kc has no d to slow down the Texans. Come at me


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Texans will reach Superb Owl...

I was certain the next part of the sentence was going to be...

...and the fans will still whine about the o-line, want to fire O'Brien, not apologize to DW4 (I hope we're not really calling Watson DW4), and want to trade Clowney.

Never change, Texans fans. Except you, JB. 3 boobs? A perverted blind drunkard is no way to go through your golden years.

Kaiser Toro

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It doesn’t matter, Brian, the SuperbOwl’s annual migration begins around December once eight wins are secured.


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Reminds me of the county fair. Bad recipe contest. Could only use wholesome ingredients in wholesome amounts. I won Worst Prize with my licorice mushrooms.