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Texans vs Cowboys 2002(inaugural game)


Had this on the TV as background noise today at the house since football season is over and full game is on Youtube. How many fans here have been with the team since this far back? This was such a fun watch. That crowd was just totally different, it was like a Monday Night Raw crowd, the signs, everybody dressed up, the whole atmosphere.

Major nostalgia for the ESPN NFL 2K5 graphics since this was a Sunday night game.

Never realized Larry Allen played in this game and did not look good either.

Gary Walker played for the Texans in this game also played for the Oilers in the final game ever at the Astrodome in 96.

Lovely debut for the team, I remember going to a couple preseason games the weeks before this and the atmosphere in that stadium was pretty electric. Does this game still hold up as one of the best in franchise history?
I was there. The halftime show involved fire works with the roof closed. The entire 3rd quarter was played in a hazy fog.

Cowboys QB Quincy Carter was sacked for a safety. From my vantage point, I knew Carter was going to get nailed for the safety before he did.
Also the 2002 HOf game was recently uploaded and that was such an interesting watch, the first Texans debut vs a stacked Giants team, Strahan, Dan Campbell, Ron Dayne that beat the Colts for us in 2006. Fun watch for all of the optimism surrounding the team at that time Carr looked like a future star.
Never knew who our backup QB was that first year since Carr took every single snap, there aren’t any stats at all for any other QBs that year. That was why he broke the sack record because he never missed a single play, if I’m not mistaken the only QB in the NFL that year to do that. In that preseason debut it was Kent Graham at backup though, also no QB coach on that staff and all rookies around him at skill positions. Also foreshadowing on commentary as they talk about Carrs dad moving to Houston and going to every practice with him.
It had to be a surprise to Jerry how few Cowboys fans were there for the game, seemed like 100% Texans fans in there that night, somebody even had a sign that said “Former Cowboy turned Texan”. That had to sting for him expecting that to be a Cowboys town for them to draw a crowd every four years, only for none of your fans to show up for the first one.
Huge contrast in that crowd and the one in the 2023 Bucs game I also recently watched, where the stadium was empty except for all the Bucs fans there.
Amazing game. I screamed my head off. I go back to 1978 as a fan of the Oilers, and then when they left for possum holler, I wanted nothing to do with the NFL. They really pissed me off. For several years, as a personal protest, I watched only a bare few NFL games and the SB. I always watched the SB. Then I heard that Bob McNair was making a bid for the return of NFL football here, and I got excited but didn't want to get my hopes up. Everyone said LA would get it...and then they announced Houston. I'm not sure which day was a happier day for me - but both of these days have great memories for me.
Beating Dallas still meant something back then. It doesn’t anymore. I’d say in 22 years of hindsight all things considered the 2006 win over Indy was the big one, taking down one of the all time greats straight up if you want to talk about best teams historically we’ve ever beaten. There were no excuses, Indy was healthy and playing to win and got taken down. Then went on to win the Super Bowl. Add to it that they had beaten us twice a year the first 4 years, and it was just a damn good game.

Also got to note to me it was just as big if not BIGGER to beat the Titans when we started, those were the games I had circled. The close game we played against them in 03 was one of our best games we lost. But man how sweet it was to take them down both games in 2004, Andre Johnson the hero I remember in with the one handed catch while a defended was all over him.

2008 Frozen Tundra Lambeau Field Andre Johnson for the win

Maybe the 2012 win over Denver is underrated, the team at maybe the best they ever were taking on our arch nemesis on his new team which was a top contender.

The 2019 win over Buffalo in the playoffs was pretty excellent game,
As was the 2018 Cowboys game where Watson played through punctured lung.

2023 produced some all time bangers, beating the Titans in Oilers Halloween costumes was pretty big time. The Tampa game was pretty great, also the win over the Colts on prime time and the squash over Cleveland.
I was there.

Yes, still one of the best games in franchise history which is kinda sad considering it’s now been 22 years. That first win over Indy on Christmas Eve, the first playoff win and 19-10 are probably far and away the top 3 in no particular order.

Yeah, but Bob McNair told us they were on the right track for almost 2 decades while he made billions.
Yes. It was the inaugural game. Upset the hated Cowboys. For those that remember, it will always be special.

Excellent thread, ShinobiMusashi.

It will always be hard to top, no other teams had debut game like that right? Cleveland 99, Carolina and Jacksonville 95, Seattle/Tampa ‘76, go any further back than that you get Saints/Falcons/Dolphins/Bengals in the 60’s. That was a special night. The crowd was lit.
Funny thing is… I didn’t watch this game live. I was at work. I certainly remember every bit of it though.
It was a truly special and wonderful start to the franchise. Followed by two decades of crap interspersed with a few nice seasons. And now Sheriff DeMeco is here to clean up the town. The Tombstone Texans ride again. Hopefully. LOL
Best part is the shot of Jerry Jones they get at the end of the game as the final seconds are winding down, he has tears welled up in his eyes. Man he wanted that one really bad.
Gary Walker was screaming at Jones when he crossed the field. So great, I'm smiling just thinking about it.
Did everybody leave early? A lot of empty seats there towards the end
Was that CJ's first comeback win? No one is leaving early now.
It was hollywood script-ish. Sports magic.

My online screenname for playstation 2 at the time following that night was '19-10'.

Was dope af on the rare occasion someone recognized and mentioned it to me.

With the popularity of CJ and Co…you’ll be able to weed out current or future band wagoners by asking them what 19-10 means.

A true Texans fan can answer that in a heartbeat.
And maybe the game just doesn’t get the love it deserves in the grand scheme of NFL lore, maybe nothing does anymore since the Sabols are gone, but just not a real popular or legacy team, kind of meaningless game as far as impact on that season, but still what a debut for a NFL franchise, holy **** it was WWF Raw in that place