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Texans vs Cardinals Post Game: Ugly Win and I’ll Take it!!

Also, he gave the reason "because the schedule is weak" and that is not true.

Last year, the Texans played 8 games against playoff teams.

This yeat, they will play at least 7 games.
It could be 8 games, but since the Texans will probably take away the chance for another team; the number of teams is decreased.

Now, if the Colts somehow manage to sneak in or the AFC North somehow put 3 teams into the playoffs, that number would rise.

So, no, I don't think the schedule this year is weaker than last.
The AFC West and the NFC East had the 2 teams that were in the SB last year. They also had multiple playoff teams out of each of those divisions. So yes, last yrs schedule was much tougher. I'm just glad Stroud's doing so well this yr and the team is taking advantage of this.
Who is beating their chest and saying they were right though? I have not seen anyone come on here saying I told you so. And guess what I said CJ will be special. But no one predicted he would shine this early. And a lot of jokers said he’s another Ohio State quarterback who will not amount to anything but a bust. So technically that should classify them as full of crap. Because, because they would’ve been the ones pounding their chest and saying I told you so.

And why are you saying don’t take it personal? Where did that come from?
Straight up, I was wrong about Stroud. I'm glad my prediction is looking good. No beating of the chest here. It's really good to have a winning team down on Kirby these days. Let's just enjoy the moment.
I hate to play the what if game but I think Gannon made a mistake going for it on 4th down & 3 at the Texans 23 with 12:54 left in the game. If the Cardinals kick a field goal there they would not have had to go for it at the end of the game on a 4th & 8 at the Texans 27 when a field goal would have given them a 1 point lead. Another coaching mistake worked in the Texans favor.

On another note last night I was rewatching the game & had flashbacks to the Run and Shoot days when the Oilers could move the ball up & down the field but could not punch it in for a score. I sure hope this does not become a trend.

Still I'm high as hell about being 6-4 & playing for the division lead next week.
I watched the replay of the red zone INT where the ball went through Woods' hands and was INT'ed by Barnes at the 3 yard line. Barnes returned it to about midfield where he was tackled by Fant of all people. Had Fant missed, Tytus Howard was right behind him. Both had the angle on Barnes. Two hefty linemen showing good effort. It's the little things.....

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