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Texans V Steelers Game Day Thread

Joe Texan

Inducted 04
Its GAMEDAY and Time to pound the Steel ers, Lets put a bad fourth quarter behind us and play a whole game and bring a victory today.


Go Texans!
You better bring me NO RAIN for next Sunday's Blue Lot Crew tailgate since me and Mrs. GP are joining you guys prior to the Raiders game.

What is your record for gameday threads, Joe? How many wins and how many losses?

Joe Texan

Inducted 04
This year I am 1 and 0 and expect to continue on a perfect home game record, that being said lets do it one game at a time and make sure it is game day and bring Victory.

I could not sleep I am so Pumped

As far as Raiders game looks like the drought will continue for 9 years by those who brought you global warming. Lets Go Texans And lets put a drought in the scoring ability of our oponents.


All Pro
I couldn't sleep either. I getting my voice prepped to be loud, real loud.

Given the number of backups on their O line I put the over under on Pitts false starts at four.


Dirty Old Man
I'll be heading back to Houston in a few hours. But before I left, I already had the beer and food in the fridge ready to go. I should be getting to my apartment somewhere around gametime if I time this thing right.

GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!:logo:


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I could not sleep last night going to hit some coffee and play madden till kick off. Only team I run with is Houston. If any one wants to play me send me a friend invite to psn name uss-apache.


Getting pumped! Gonna head out to Houston in about 20 minutes, I believe we'll get a win today!


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I took like 1,000,000 mg of vitamin C yesterday. Scared I wasn't going to go, but I feel so much better today! Let's kick some Steeler ass!!!!

I'll be there pounding on the wall, talking down to the Steelers and the refs, and cheering on my Texans.

Btw, has anyone noticed what Dobbins does on kickoff team??? With the bullhorn hand gestures?

fiasco west

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Ugh it was nice to wake up and see Andre Johnson as 'Probable' on my fantasy team. IDK where the hell that came from, seems like it's just a toe though.

Kaiser Toro

Native Mod
We must rip their hearts out and treat them....it is the Kubiak way.

The team needs its own identity to progress, since Kubiak has done what he can do - build an offense that moves between the 20's with ease. I think this team is ready to do this, but then again, I did not leave my couch in Austin to make the trip to Houston.

Do me a kindness Texans!

Texans 23 - Steelers 20


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Is there like a 3 degree window they use to open the roof? Seems like it's always closed......
Oh now this is just silly. This is the best weather day we'll probably have all year.

....I wonder if the damned thing isn't stuck closed or something.


Hall of Fame
Go Texans! My first Sunday of the season I'm not busy and I get to watch the game in the comfort of my living room!


probably drunk
I have a good feeling about this game. I don't think the Steelers can keep up with our offense and I think we're going to be in Rapistberger's face all day. I am pumped!! :fans: GO TEXANS!


Dirty Old Man
I'm confident we shall win today.

So, tell us Thorn, how confident are you?

Thanks for asking Thorn. Well, let me say this. I shall fully tempt the football gods today. I shall thumb my nose at them. I am prepareing the same wonderful food today I did for the Saints game. That's how confident I am.


fiasco west

All Pro
Well it looks like texans fans sold their tickets to steeler fans, god Houston is an awful sports town
Didn't see the crowd but the Steelers have a ton of fans across the nation. Probably the most. Should expect that against the franchise that has won the most superbowls in NFL history.


Dirty Old Man
Didn't see the crowd but the Steelers have a ton of fans across the nation. Probably the most. Should expect that against the franchise that has won the most superbowls in NFL history.
In my office area, there are Texan fans, Cowgirl fans, and Steeler fans. And the Steeler fans are the most outgoing about it, putting up Steeler posters in their office.