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Texans trade Osweiller to Browns


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Adam Schefter
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· NFL stunner: Texans trade QB Brock Osweiler AND a 2018 second-round pick to Cleveland for the Browns to take Osweiler’s $16M salary of Houston’s books, per league sources. The move clears out millions in salary-cap space for Houston to intensify efforts to sign former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, per sources. To be exact, Houston saves $16 million in cash and $10 million against their cap this season. The Texans also will get the Browns’ fourth-round pick this year in exchange for their own 6th-round pick. So Cleveland gets Osweiler’s contract, a 2018 second-round pick and a 2017 sixth-round pick, and Houston gets Cleveland’s 2017 fourth-round pick, saves $10 million in salary-cap space and $16 million in cash. Cleveland is not committed to keeping Osweiler and is likely to try to trade him, per sources. If so, it would turn into a basketball-like trade in which NBA teams routinely trade contracts to geget them off their books; only it rarely, if ever, happens in the NFL. It’s hard to remember in the salary-cap era another team when a team traded a contract to get it off its books. But Houston was so anxious to rid itself of Osweiler and move on to its next quarterbacking chapter that it is giving Cleveland extra picks to take him and his contract. The Browns headed into this free-agent signing period with over $100 million worth of salary-cap space and would struggle to spend it all. Now they can devote some of it to Osweiler’s contract and acquiring extra draft picks from Houston. But this is one of the most, if not the most, creative trade in NFL history.

Is this real?


WOW!!! Looks like Romo IS coming to Houston lol. Rick Smith wow, he got... wow Im at a loss for words. Golf clap?


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So we essentially gave up Brock and a 2nd in 2018 for a move up from a 6th to a 4th this year and a chance to nab Romo.


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I'm pissed but not as pissed as when the Braves had to trade Craig Kimbrel just to get rid of BJ Upton.

Osweiler's not the problem here anyway. As I've said. Watch him flourish elsewhere.


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Man, giving up that 2nd rounder is gonna sting...all so we can move on to our next failed experiment behind a non-existent line.

fiasco west

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Why are people cheering this?
We gave Osweiller a year and a crap load of money and now we paid the Browns a second round draft choice to take him away
This is embarassing

We just got fleeced by the BROWNS. We are now the low run on the NFL GM competency ladder
They made a mistake and realized it. The alternative was keeping Brock on the team and his terrible contract. The 2nd rounder hurts, but Brock's contract is longer.

Edit: Brock's contract affected us longer than one 2nd round pick next season. This is a major win for the Texans. Yes, signing him was a mistake but hey did not compound the mistake.


Question for you draft guys - how many picks do we move up in the first by trading the newly acquired 4th round pick?

I'm curious to see if there are draft plans with this move and/or other FA moves besides Romo with the extra cash. Something is in the works.


Slightly encouraging, Os sucked and his play last year was when the poor decision was realized, getting rid of him was a good move. I like having an earlier pick this year with this crop of players. Losing next year's second stings but if you believe this team can compete now it makes sense to have the extra dough to acquire pieces earlier, and with the salary cap inflation it makes even more sense. All in all, getting rid of Oz was the right move, it doesn't change how it was a bad move last year but it realizes the loss without it having a larger effect going forward.


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Question for you draft guys - how many picks do we move up in the first by trading the newly acquired 4th round pick?

I'm curious to see if there are draft plans with this move and/or other FA moves. Something is in the works.
Signing Romo and probably Bouye is in the works. Couldn't be worse in my eyes.


We've picked multiple probowlers in the 2nd round not to mention several quality starters. What are you talking about?
I'm just not confident in our front office's ability to draft...you could convince me otherwise with a breakdown of our second rounders who are awesome and who has sucked hard though.

Jabar Gaffney...meh
Chester Pitts...yay

Bennie Joppru...ahahahahah
Tony Hollings...frrrt



Ben Tate...meh

Brooks Reed...hrrm




Martin...jury's way out

I wouldn't say that's a laundry list of amazing talent.