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I've always felt weird about asking for donations and still do. I apologize for how intrusive or obnoxious the Google ads had become. They were there via a XenForo plugin that's been on there since the beginning. I assume it was Google making them worse. Regardless, I have removed that plug-in so those will be gone for good as long as I own the site. Having a quality and good experience here does matter to me, even though I don't frequent this board like I used to.

Despite the popularity of this site, I've never made it into a money making venture. So, in the past I was covering the costs of running this site with my business. I was told that I had to stop that since it's not related. So the Google ads were contributing. So here's the plan, the Google ads are now gone, I will somehow tie my business to this site, probably display a banner or something. I'll make sure that it won't be anything obnoxious like the Google ads became.

BTW, my business is a real estate search portal made for TV called MoveTube. You install on your TV device like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. It's actually fun to play with and iHeartRadio has integrated their streaming music service into it so that you can listen to whatever you want while cruising live real estate listings on your TV. It's sort of like Netflix meets Zillow. Right now we have limited listings in the Houston area, however that will change soon.

Here's a video on how to install it on whichever streaming TV device that you use:

Anyway, that's my shameless business plug. If you wish, you can donate to my beer fund or contribute to my sports habit, you can Venmo me here. I also put up a Texans Talk Tip Jar link in the header which is the same link. I really do appreciate the tips, donations, whatever you want to call it. I do use Venmo for fun money, mainly buying tickets to sporting events, so thanks for those that recommended setting up a Venmo tip jar link. If this site is just supporting my sports watching habit, I am good with the effort it takes to keep it going. :)

I'll see if I can go back to having MoveTube taking the hit to cover hosting and tech expenses here and I'll continue to keep this place running in top notch shape. Thanks everyone!
Kevin have you considered posters who might advertise on TT? As you they also might seek a tax deduction for advertising to good cause. Do you have an idea of how many views this site gets? That would be interesting.