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Texans offseason


Practice Squad
Just out of curiosity........what exactly do the Texans do from the end of the season until training camp?Do they basically spend most of it in the weightroom trying to get stronger?Hopefully certain players are on the field improving their technique........
im hoping Gaffney steps it up this offseason and takes over the #2 spot
He is the one person that needs to get stronger. He can do anything, but he stuggles against press coverage.
Rest........Then build back up. I believe Gaffney will come into camp unreal. This guy knows that he is poised to be the #2 receiver and can be utilized like a Hines Ward in Pittsburgh. Not as physical, but in terms of designed plays, this can be achieved. Johnson will be the go to WR, and the homerun hitter. If Johnson was in Miami working out, forget about it..........Pro Bowl Type season!
im hoping Gaffney steps it up this offseason and takes over the #2 spot

I think he almost has to. It is his third year, it could be his make or break year for him.
I'm sure Gaffney will do fantastic. We should see 100% improvement in skills and attributes this season. I too agree this might be his make or break for him this year the latest.
gaffney will hopefully step it up and come into training camp ready to be the #2 guy...i'm hoping the guys who were injuried at the end of last year have taken the time to recover and rehab...also i'm hoping for players like deloach, sears, weary, pitts, and martin to have spent a great deal of time in the weight room...these are the guys i saw that could have really used a little more strength throughout the season...maybe give them a little bust of aggression as well
As i stated in another post, if Gaffney does improve I'd like to see Sloan Thomas eventually move into the #3 spot
Kendrick Starling I think will come out and impress people and show people he is better then Sloan Thomas. Don't get me wrong I love Sloan he is a all around great athlete but Kendrick is a VERY GOOD athlete who if he has someone to teach him and CONTROL him can be a very productive receiver!