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Texans I have drafted

Kaiser Toro

Native Mod
In my first two drafts I have AJ, Ahman and Daniels on one team and Ahman and Daniels on the other. Bot times I planned to pick Schaub up, in the 13th round in one and the 12th round in the other, and he was taken right before me each time.

In my one league which is a keeper league someone picked up Jacoby Jones in the 14th. Should the guy keep him next year he only has to give up his 12th round next year.

Mr. White

H-Town Beatdown
My draft position was too bad to pick up any Texans without reaching.

There's one guy in my league that's got Ahman Green, Owen Daniels, and Matt Schaub on his team. Obviously a Texans fan. I sure hope he doesn't read this board.

Andre Johnson's a starter on another team and Dayne is a reserve on another.

I think that Jacoby Jones has some fantasy potential. If he emerges as the #2, then I'll try to pick him up on waivers.

Thanks for bringing this subforum back, mods.