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Steel B's Bye Week Mock


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Rd.2 Trey Smith, Tennessee, OG- Best OL I saw in the draft. Powerful road grader with great feet. Why pick another OL? Because letting Fulton go should give you cap space to re-sign all of your FA's and maybe even add a Gipson/Roby type in FA.

Rd.3 Cam Akers FlaSt., RB - This guy will be a long time starter and can do it all. Hard runner between the tackles and has homerun speed. Great hands.

Rd.4 Devin Duvernay- UT, WFV replacement, Fast guy with a RB build, hard to bring down after the catch, good hands, can do KR/PR duties.

Rd.4 Tip Galeai- Utah St. Guy has quicness off the edge and a relentless motor, Powerful, only reason he's available is because while at Utah St he beat up 2 guys in a bar really bad and got kicked off of the team.

Rd. 5 Amik Robertson- CB, La Tech, Olympic track athlete but flips his hips and runs with WR's easily. Great hands and is a threat to take an int to the house. Only reason he's here is he's short but he has the ability to play inside or outside.

Rd.6 LaVonta Taylor CB, Fla St.- Quick, aggressive slot CB plays with an attitude, fast. Taylor is here because he is 5-9 175 give or take pounds. Playmaker

Rd.6 Malclom Roach DE, UT - Big DE can play 5 tech and has some bend. They hit on Charley O in the 5th last yr and BOB goes back to the well again.

Rd.7- Kalil Tate QB, Arizona- If you want to use the offense they are currently running then you need a backup QB with Watson's skillset. Tate is Watson lite. Strong arm/great feet, pretty accurate.

I cant wait to see the responses, of you picked 3 offensive players with the 1st 3 picks.

I went for talent 1st and tried to project what rd I think the guys will go in. This increases team speed in areas of need. Smith only is there because 2 seasons ago he got blood clots in his lungs, but hasn't had issues this yr. Big risk= Big reward and opens up FA $$$$ if needed and is a huge upgrade.