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Stadium WIFI


with an I E
I had to reset the wifi on my iphone by turning it off and on, but was able to connect after that. It seemed to work fine once I was connected.
Worked just fine for me. Connected and worked well. My ESPN app seemed to lag at times. But I figure half the stadium was on it, too.

At least it wasn't their FF app I was trying to use...


with an I E
It sounds like different areas of the stadium pick up the signal better than others. Hopefully this is a WIP and they'll be putting more repeaters in.


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Hit and miss again today. No big deal because I don't use it that much but when the Texans make such a big deal about it at games it should at least work.


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People, you're at the game.... Get off your phones and WATCH THE DAMN GAME! :D

I'm watching my Texans, not some fantasy scoreboard on my phone! If you're interested in other game's scores, they are posted on the stadium boards!


Worked great at the preseason game couldn't even find the service at the KC game. I realize there are fewer actual people at a sold out preseason game, but I think the bigger effect was being in Section 534 (just above suites and Club level) versus being in Section 608 almost to the top. The closer you are to Suites / Club level the better chance to get some of "their" wifi.


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It was g-l-a-c-i-a-l once again. It's not a matter of could I do something (other than stream), but how much of a simulated dial-up experience it was going to feel like.