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Sporting News: NFL quarterback rankings for 2019: Best to worst, 1-32


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13. Deshaun Watson, Texans

Considering Watson has been running for his life behind what have been some of the NFL's worst pass-protecting lines, he has done well to survive and find ways to make plays. With the Texans' investments at tackle and with better overall health among his targets, Watson in 2019 should have his best passing season yet, with less dependency on scrambling at the first sign of trouble.

Mr teX

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The real head scratcher is having baker mayfield as a top 10 qb when his stats are only marginally better than DW4's rookie year stats despite playing in 8 more games. DW4 also followed up his rookie campaign with a solid sophomore campaign & he did it behind 1 of the worst o-lines in the league.

Oh man are they setting this kid up for failure with all this hype.