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Selling PSL's Lots of Options


Practice Squad
I have a pretty good sized collection of PSL I have acquired over the years and looking to free up some cash for a new home purchase. This is really a great year to buy as the schedule is great for re-sell if you intend to do that... with Baltimore, Packers, Vikings, Patriots and Bengals (hey you might get to see LSU Joe lol!), along with the usual AFC south opponents of course coming to town there will be a lot of demand. Or if you just want to skip the premium prices on secondary market and get them at cost direct from Texans, this is your chance!

(2) 351 Row J 2.5K for the pair.

(2) 135 Row DD 4.5K for pair.

(2) 121 Row Y (AISLE) 5K for pair.

(2) 120 Row R (AISLE) 6K for pair.

(2) 135 Row L 8K for pair.

(2) 130 Row Q (AISLE) 8K for pair.

(2) 131 Row K (AISLE) 8.5K for pair.

(2) 109 Row AA 10K for pair.

(2) 111 Row G 12K for pair.

(4) 122 Row CC 11.5K for all 4.

(4) 122 Row S 13.5K for all 4.

I have other stuff too in lower level, if looking more towards premium seating, shoot me a message.

This just includes the PSL's, tickets will be purchased from Texans. I can include most desired parking lot colors as well at no cost.

All transactions will be done on PSL market place, safest way for both of us.
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