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Schedule analysis


100% Texan

The release of the NFL schedule is one of the most important events of the offseason, but it can be overlooked in the world of fantasy football. After all, it doesn't matter who is on the other side of the line from Peyton Manning, LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson or Steve Smith, because these studs will remain prominent starters across the board nonetheless. But in the case of most players, the schedule can be an important part of determining their draft value.

Unlike normal schedule breakdowns, which are based on records from the previous season, our in-depth look is 100 percent statistical and examines how teams did versus the pass and the run and is based on the defensive rank of their opponents. For example, the Colts finished second versus the pass and 32nd versus the run last season, so a team that will face them this season received a total of 34 points -- two for the pass and 32 for the run. In this formulation, the teams that finished with the most total points from the pass and run categories have the most attractive schedules.

Much like the offensive line rank list that also appears in our fantasy football draft kit, this schedule breakdown is also a very useful draft tool when it comes time to make a final and educated decision between players with similar value.


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The fantasy league you're in appears to be waaaaaay too complicated for this callsign, mate.

'Draft 'em and hope they play well' is as complicated as I want to get! :specnatz: