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Schaub 2009/2010 vs Watson 2020


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12 second offense.

OK. I am coming on board with the "Schaub won't take us to the next level" crowd. I was thinking about our problem.. and it is in fact that Schaub simply cannot run an offense down the field fast enough. Heck, when you have our defense even Sanchez can't run the offense fast enough.

Kubiak and Dennison need to get together and design an offense that will allow us to score after the game winning drive that inevitably occurs AFTER Schaub's game winning drive. We usually have between 8-12 seconds. I suggest we find a way to fold the field in half, and then in half again... and again... that would make the field 12.5 yards long.

Whatever the case, you guys are right about Schaub. As long as we have this defense we need to be able to score quicker at the end of end of games.


I was looking up posts of mine around the time of our loss to the jets and I came across this gem. It is kind of crazy when you compare their situations. I get that they are very different QBs but I feel like you could replace plug Watson into that same post.

I will come back and post the stat lined but I'm on my phone so not as easy right now.

PS when I'm on my phone I don't feel the compulsion to sign posts but occasionally I post from the pc and it still calls me lol

PPS I don't remember the Sanchez reference. Only thing I can think of is that they had just beat us in yet another impossible comeback at the end of the game. Take a 4 pt lead with < a minute left and they come back to score a td...

I'm not watching this team in 2030, that's for sure.
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Houston has been plagued with years of good offense coupled with bad defense, and good defense coupled with bad offense. When offense and defense where closer to even in strength, we found our mediocre 8/8 seasons.

I was never a fan of Schaub, but I was a huge fan of the Kubiak offense.


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Looks like they both had statistically bad defenses. That’s pretty much where I’d end the comparison though.
Not just bad defenses, they were both among the best QBs in the league at the time imo. And both of them put the team in a position to win only to have someone else eff it up (usually the defense) in the final couple of minutes.

I get that they aren't similar players but they were both Tier 1 QBs at the time.

Yeah I know a lot of people don't view Schaub that way but you don't lead the league in passing yards and YPA while approaching 70% completion without being among the top QBs.

Just saw he (Schaub) retired today btw.


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I think the problem is not Watson, therefore, the answer is not Watson.

We’re the Chargers & Lions. 4-12
I don't think Watson or Schaub were the problem lol. That was my point. Schaubs game wasn't as sexy because he didn't have the mobility (I'm convinced that is what led people to believe Rosenfels should have been in the starter conversation here - that talk ended with rosencopter) but both deserved better than they got that year.


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